Sex Games can be a lot of fun! Since my divorce, I’ve had a sexual awakening. My ex was very boring in the bedroom and he could never satisfy me; my sex toys became my best friends. Recently, I told you about my first Lesbian Sex experience and it heightened my curiosity about what other experiences that I’ve missed out on. So, I’ve decided to come up with a Sexual Bucket List!

Underneath this deep, mysterious exterior lies a free spirit that is eager to burst out of me. The goal of my Sex Bucket List is to open myself up to new and exciting fetishes, to explore uncharted territory, and to have as many fucking orgasms that are humanly possible.

I was ready for the hottest Sex Games!

Now that I’ve recently had sex with a woman, I’m craving a hard dick to pound into my tight, wet pussy. It’s not because sex with Trista wasn’t amazing, because it was. But, nothing beats a rock-hard cock and the feeling that you have when you feel it move in and out of your pussy. I love it when a man knows what he wants and he takes it. I want a man to please and worship me in a way that no man has ever done before.

Below, I’ve listed a few entries from my Sex Bucket List. I’ll add to it as new ideas pop into mind and I will definitely be sure to update all of you when I cross things off my Sexual Bucket List.


Brittany’s Sex Bucket List

Do you want to help me cross some things off of my Sex Bucket List? Don’t be afraid baby. There is no limit to the adventures we could get ourselves into. In fact, just thinking about the hours of phone sex chat we could be having about all of these naughty things. My hands stuffed down my panties I want to explore every last inch of myself while you listen. Which one of these sex games would be your choice?