I always thought my college roommate was kind of a prude.

Every time I brought up sex, my college roommate kind of froze up and ended the conversation. This made me think that she was super lame. I loved the attention that I received from boys in my freshman year. We shared a very, very small living space. One bedroom with about 6 feet to separate our twin beds. She had huge tits, I mean, huge. Also, she was like an F cup or something. She was not nearly as skinny as me, but not fat. Huge ass too, though. She was a very curvy girl. She had ashy brown hair that she cut super short during our orientation week. Then, she dyed the tips of her hair blue. She was rather obnoxious and aggressive with her idealism, so needless to say, she did not make friends easily. She clung to me for freshman year.

An incident occurred, where I decided to skip one of our liberal arts core classes in order to fuck this guy. I texted my roommate that I was ditching because I needed to get laid. Our class ended early, and while I was riding his cock like a champion, my roommate walked in on us. She acted so fucking lame! She ran out of the room and refused to look at me for a day. The next day, I get fucking pulled into my RA’s room and she and I have a talk about me bringing guys back to our room too often. From then on, I was allowed visitors only two nights of the week. What a bitch! She snitched on me! We got into this heated argument where she told me she felt violated. I then threatened to leave her ass.

She didn’t think snitching on me was that big of a deal.

She grabbed me and kissed me. What the fuck? She told me that she was sorry and that she was jealous. I told her that she didn’t have to be jealous of me and that men liked her all the time, she just turned them down. She told me that she wasn’t jealous of me,  but of him. Of the guy I fucked. Oh my god, she was totally into me. I told her that I wasn’t going to stop fucking people for her because I need to get laid, but her and I could enjoy each other’s company a little deeper. We started making out and she pushed me onto my bed. Then she yanked up my skirt and slid her hand into my panties. She began rubbing my clit. She moved her hand and brought me close to cumming.

Then, she knelt between my legs and kissed up my thighs until she reached my pussy. She hooked her finger around the crotch of my panties and yanked them down. Devouring my pussy, she slid two fingers in me and began massaging the walls of my pussy. I grew wetter and wetter. I had never been worshipped by a girl! She licked all around my pussy hole. I came hard in her mouth and then she grabbed one of my dildos from my desk drawer and slid it in my pussy while she rubbed my clit. She fucked me until I came all over again and my pussy dripped! Then I rubbed her clit and fucked her with my huge purple dildo. I stretched her pussy wide with my thick, purple, glass dildo.

It made her cum super hard and she made my dildo all creamy.

She laid in my bed and slept there through the night. She woke me up the next morning with her mouth on my pussy. The next week or so we made each other cum a bunch and spent days in bed doing nothing but fucking. I still had to move out, cause I needed cock too, but she got over it. Although we did stop fucking after a while. I will always remember the loud college roommate with blue hair that I fucked for a while in my freshman year. She will always be my first ever college roommate. She was like a sister to me.

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