College Girls Can Be Some Of The Sexiest Girls There Are

College girls can be some of the sexiest girls there are. I ought to know, since I well recall being one of them. It was the time of my real sexual education, finally away from home and under the watchful eye of my parents. I had freedom on a scale I never had experienced before, and I made the most out of it. I wouldn’t say I “fell in with a wild crowd”. The college girls I hang with were free spirits to be sure. But they were nice young women, but were certainly sexually adventurous. And they were determined since I was now one of them, that I was going to be similarly educatedGisele tells hot college girls stories

He Was A Shy Young Guy And Didn’t Know What We Had In Store For Him

We had all kinds of crazy sorority parties we threw and had all kinds of crazy sexual encounters with other guys on campus. This one night though, there was this really cute but shy guy that had come with his cousin, who was a student. One of my wilder friends was determined we were going to loosen this poor young guy up. He was blushing half the night at the things going on around at that party. She decided to get him upstairs and seduce him. What he didn’t know was there were three other girls waiting for them up there.

He Wasn’t Complaining Anymore

I don’t like to say we held him hostage. Lol, but ya, we kinda did. But from the look of his hard cock, he wasn’t complaining too much about it. We actually got him on his back on the bed and tied him down spread eagle to the bed posts. And we stripped him down. He had a nice cock, but we felt it was a cock sorely lacking in experience, experience that we were all more than too happy to provide.

He kept struggling and asking to be let go, and we just laughed all the harder at his please. One friend straddled him and started to grind her pussy against his growing cock. She was already wet and his cock was turning purple. It was so aroused and erect at what she was doing to him. She popped the head of it inside of her and started to rise and fall on top of it. He was still protesting, but I soon silenced him by sitting on his face and smothering him with my pussy. College girls can be naughty and determined little bitches when they set their minds to it! He was still twisting and turning as best he could, even though he had his dick in my friend and I kept telling him to be a good boy and lick my pussy.

He Was Getting Plenty Of Ass And Pussy

After a few repeats, he started to lick and he was actually pretty good at it. And I did cum on his face. It was a wet cummy and I rubbed it all over his face. Girl after girl got in on the action,taking turns sitting on his face and rubbing their hot asses on him too. I know that it aroused him as well, since my friend came on his cock. She said he was cumming in her pussy. We didn’t let him off that easy though. And for the next several hours we took turns on this poor, tied up boy.

I can’t say he didn’t ultimately enjoy it, since we made him cum multiple times. I did feel a bit guilty the next day, but it was a fun night to be sure. We never got that aggressive again. But college girls when they have a few drinks in them can get a bit carried away. Especially with a group of them, that mob mentality kicks in and we just do what we want. He did leave fully drained the next morning though. A few days later his cousin said he had a really good time at our party and he’d be sure to bring him to our next party.

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