I Had To Find A Way To Get More Time To Pay My Rent

I was several months behind on my rent and I was afraid I was going to get put out.  So I went to the landlord and asked him what I could do until I got caught up on some bills. I’d let get out of hand. I had the feeling he was going to ask me to sleep with him until it was paid off. I’ve run into that situation in the past with other men. He surprised me however by not asking me to sleep with him. But with someone else. His grandson, his twenty three year old still a virgin grandson who was shy around women.

He Was A Virgin

Oh Lord, I thought this guy must be fat or a geek or covered in pimples . Or worse yet, all three! He assured me he was an attractive guy, but just beyond shy. And someone needed to show him the ropes and if I did, my debt would be forgiven. I didn’t have a choice really if I wanted to stay. So sight unseen, I agreed to deflower his grandson. What had I gotten myself into. Our date, well, he knocked on my door so softly it’s a good thing I was walking through the foyer when he knocked. I’d not have heard him otherwise. I opened the door and was surprised. He was indeed a good looking young man, but blushing as red as a beet.

I invited him in and I gave him a strong drink to relax him. And it helped a bit. We ordered a pizza and once he had some food and more alcohol in him, he loosened up considerably. I could see the tent he was sporting in his pants.  As I went down and sat beside him and asked if a girl had ever touched him before and he said no.

I Was Prepared To Show Him A Great Time

He was still a virgin in every meaning of the word. I unzipped his pants and slipped my hand inside and got his cock out. It was a nice big one, too. I played with it a little and then got down on my knees in front of him. And started to suck on it and he loved it. I got a bit kinkier than perhaps I should have for a first timer.  And I slipped a couple of fingers up his ass as I sucked him and he about went wild.gisele teaches a virgin

So, I told him to get undressed and he did. I stripped down and seductively spun around in front of him. And he took it all in. I straddled him and lowered myself down onto his virgin cock and he groaned with pleasure as I started to ride up and down on his dick. He wasn’t going to last long. I felt him squirt inside of me, but I said I wanted him to lick me. And I pushed him back and sat on his face with my cum filled pussy .

I Was In Total Control Of Him And He Loved It

And he tasted not only my juices, but his own cum and he seemed to love it. I could feel his tongue exploring every nook and cranny of me. And he licked me to orgasm and I knew I’d given him a good first time with a woman. He left my place with a grin from ear to ear, and my debt was cleared. Love lessons in lieu of rent, I’d never have guessed, but it worked out for us both.
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