I Partied Too Much And Needed A Little Help

When I was a college girl, I did all kinds of things that I shouldn’t. For the most part I was like most college girls.  I partied too much and didn’t want to do much of the things I should, you know, like studying. I was a real party girl and would often make deals with guys I knew that were really smart. I’d have sex with them if they wrote me a really good report.  And I did well because of it. There were a few guys I had this deal with, since of course they were each good in different topics. One time however I’d waited too long to ask and the one boy was busy with his own assignments and simply couldn’t help me, sex or not.

I Had No Choice I Had To Ask Him For Help

I decided I just had to go to the professor himself and be straight with him.  So, I knew this report was due, and what could I do to make it right. Well, he got this lecherous smirk on his face and raked his eyes up and down my nubile young body and I knew what he’d say. I was right. He told me if I let him fuck me, I’d get a great grade and not even have to do the report at all. That’s what I was hoping he’d say, so I was prepared. I guessed that he would treat me like his very own sex slave.

I Could Feel His Cock Up Against My Ass

It’s always so much easier to let your body do things than have to do the hard mental work! He said he loved young college girls like me that were more concerned with their social lives than their academic ones. They of course were basically his own harem because of it. He told me to strip and bend over his desk. I did . I felt him come up behind me and I could feel his hard cock press against my ass. He rubbed it up and don the backs of my thighs and my ass crack before nestling it between my ass cheeks and then pushing it into my pussy from behind.

I did not want to become aroused by him, but my body began to betray me anyway and I felt myself moistening. He whispered in my ear I was just another one of his slut college girls, and I kind of was. He thrust into me from behind and I gripped the corners of the desk bracing myself as he fucked me roughly from behind, reaching up and grabbing my tits, mauling them. Then he reached his hand around me and opened my cunt lips and found my clit and found my clit. It was stiff, and he began to manipulate it with his fingers, and I was soon panting.

He Was Going To Make Me Cum

I knew he was going to make me cum touching me that way and I soon did, I couldn’t help it. His fingers pushed me over the edge to a trembling orgasm. As soon as I came, my contractions around his cock milked him and he soon shot his load into me. I could feel the squirts of it. I thought it was over, but I was wrong. He said he wasn’t through with me yet, and with that, he flipped me over and on my back onto his desk.

He then lowered his head down between my legs and began lapping his own cum out of my full pussy.  Then  he sucked on my clit and worked his tongue all over me and I was soon squirming again and about to cum. A few more sucks on the clit and I had my hand on the back of his head, pushing it into me. I then came even more strongly than the first time, all over his face. He then proceeded to lick me clean and told me I could get dressed and leave. As I left I wondered how many other college girls he’d done this with, I didn’t want to know.

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