I Caught My Cousin  Jacking Off  To  A Pair Of My Panties

I was staying at my aunt and uncle’s house for a few days and visiting with my cousins.  And I was having a great time. I was in bed trying to sleep one night and I heard something from down the hall. So I went to see what it was. My aunt and uncle were both asleep, so I went down to my cousin’s room and peeked in the door. He was masturbating, and not only that, but he was using a pair of my panties to do it with. He looked towards the door when I gasped in shock. And he begged me not to tell anyone and I got a devious idea right then and there what I was going to make him do to buy my silence. So , He’d make  a great sex slave for sure!

I’ll Keep Quiet Under One Condition

I told him I’d keep quiet on the condition.That he become the sex slave for my girlfriends, and myself. I’d seen his big cock and I knew they would all like it. He looked so stunned at my request. Yet he said he thought he could handle it, he and his cock were up to the task. I told him he could start the next night. Since I had a party planned and a half dozen of my girlfriends were going to be there. And he could do a good job licking all of our pussies.

He Was Going To Be Our Sex Slave

He arrived at the party the next evening and my friends were impressed. So, my cousin went to another school on the other side of town. But they knew who he was, he was a well known popular jock. And I said he was also the evenings entertainment here at the party. They asked what that meant. I said he was going to be our sex slave and lick all of our pussies. And make us cum and be satisfied, no matter how long it took. They looked like they were very glad they’d come to the party.

He Was A Sex Slave For Young Pretty Girls

And One by one he went into the bedroom with each of them. And after around twenty minutes they would emerge looking very relaxed and him complaining about his jaw being sore. LOL, we were laughing at his predicament. Poor soul, being a sex slave for young, pretty girls. All men should have it so bad! The girls had all cum and then filtered out of the party. I was the last one there and he seemed to be ready to go and I said not so fast! I haven’t had my turn yet and I went into the bedroom.

It Was My Turn To Enjoy My Sex SlaveDana sex slave 2

He followed me and I said I’d waited my entire life to have my own sex slave. And the time was here. I told him to get on his back on the bed. I slipped out of my skirt and panties and soon straddled his face. My clit was already stiff and my pussy wet and I felt his tongue open my cunt like the petals of a flower. He started to expertly flicker across my clit and make me wince with pleasure. He sucked on my inner lips and I started to fuck his face. And for a minute I was worried he wouldn’t be able to breath

e. But he was doing fine and I soon felt my orgasm welling up within me and I looked back. And I  could see the tent he was pitching in his pants. His pants were soaked in cum. And I giggled out loud. And I came in a wet gush all over his face and he lapped up all my juices and I was glad I’d caught him masturbating with my panties. It had worked out well for us all.My very own sex slave! incest phone sex is so hot!

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