College girl whores are easy!

It’s the big night and you can’t believe where you are and what you’re doing.  On the one hand, you’re in Alpha Alpha Tao’s House — possibly the most prestigious place to be in the state, let alone on campus.  On the other hand, you’re less of a guest and more part of the entertainment for the ‘real’ men at school, with sorority sisters basically pimping your wares.  Not that you need it with the way you look now.  Your hair’s done. Your make-up is fresh and your outfit has a college girl like you asking, nay, BEGGING for it.  No one wearing that tiny skirt and barely there bikini top is looking for a husband.

Being the wallflower you’re used to being isn’t going to fly this time.

With the music pumping, hands are all over you as horny Alpha’s seek out a warm-up slut to bust that first nut into.   And you totally fit the bill for that’s what Beta Beta Beta is all about.  You’re a bunch of cock sockets meant to entertain until they are ready for the main event.  You get cocks ready for the hot sorority sisters.  Then you thank them for the privilege and taking all of that man seed in whatever hole you received it.

With so much booze flowing, the guys stop being polite and you find yourself forced on your knees.  Unless you want to suffocate from all of the cocks smearing all over your face, you’d better get to work.  It’s the first time tasting cock and you work your mouth like you were taught to on the strap-ons the sorority sisters used on you earlier.  They comment on how talented the new meat is as you wolf down cocks 3 to 4 times bigger than your own.  You find yourself getting addicted to the smell and taste of raw, alpha cock and you open wide for your reward.

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