Amateur college girls quickly turn pro when it comes to sissifying some new meat!

Amateur college girls two doors down took one look at you and and immediately got to brainstorming.  Last time we left off, you had just arrived to your new fraternity house, Beta beta beta, and you weren’t honoring the dress code.  So someone from Alpha Alpha Tao decided to send you to some Sorority sisters to re-education you so that you remember your place.

They look you up and down and smirk.  That personality test you took totally hit the nail on the head about you.  You didn’t even realize how much of a little bitch you looked like, even without the right clothes.  When they made you walk, your little hip sway made you look like you were totally asking for it, though they didn’t immediately say so.  They’d let your flirty waddle do the explaining when you inevitably got pinned down and fucked by 5 guys in a back room.

Pink panties, 8-inch heels, and lipstick (Oh My!)

It was so embarrassing the way they made you strip off your street clothes in front of them.  But the giggles when they saw your tiny little dick were excruciating.

“Beta, beta, beta is right!  No girl’s gonna fuck that little shrimp dick,” you heard one of the girls say as she poked your sub-four inch member.

“It’s so cute!” said another before tying a little pink bow around it.  “Like a little baby penis!”

“It goes well with his new hairless body,” Amber teased, slapping your ass as she walks by.  How could anyone resist when your skirt is so short that your cheeks hang out?

“Don’t forget the push-up!” They strap a push upon you that’s so tight, it actually creates tiny little titties on you!

“Girls,” the leader smiles, “I think she’s ready.”

The initiation is tonight.  ARE you ready, sissy phone sex boy?