College sex stories where your status determines your frat!

College sex stories are definitely nice when they’re about hot girls experimenting and fucking their professors, but there’s another side to the coin.  What about young guys who go to college?  What’s in store for them?  What kind of ‘action’ do they get?  Well, it really depends on the kind of guy he is really.  There really are only two types of guys.  Alphas and betas.  Imagine if you went off to college and, based on some kind of personality test, it was predetermined which frat you got into?

Your first day!

This can’t be it.  You check the email one more time.  The address to your new frat house is correct, but when you pull up, the house and the letters on it are pink.  You shrug it off at first and start to unpack your car when you notice girls dressed in skimpy skirts and 6-inch heels wheeling suitcases in.  Now you know something is definitely wrong.  You tap one on the shoulder and ask her if this was Sorority.  She turns around and you’re stunned.  It’s a guy!  But he looks so much like a girl!  He’s just as surprised as you are when he looks you up and down and sees that you’re not following the dress code.  He tries to warn you but it’s too late.  A large arm wraps around your neck.

“Looks like one of the new beta bitches doesn’t know his place,” laughs one of the huge jocks from the Alpha House across the street.

Three other guys from the Alpha house are with him and the sissy in front of you gives you a sorrowful look.  “Go easy on him.  He didn’t know any better.”

“Now what kind of neighbors would we be if we did that?”

What should happen to this brazen beta?  Gay phone sex?  Humiliation phone sex?  Or both?