Panty fetish has my roommate sneaking into my room!

Panty fetish guys are everywhere.  A girl has to watch out of her stuff closely or she’ll find that her panties are either missing or quite sticky.  I happened to suffer from both happening to me when my roommate caught the panty fetish bug.  He probably had it for quite some time and it wasn’t just panties either.  My stockings were going missing, too, and so were my thongs.  Sometimes my panties would go missing for days and then turn up out of the blue, laundered, and in my room again.  My stockings never turned up again.  Whenever I asked him about it, he pretended to not have a clue.  I guess he forgot that panty outlines show up on the asses of guys, too.  As he’d turn away, I’d see the distinct lines of panties hugging his ass like nobody’s business.

Crystal won’t Just let him get away with it though.

As soon as he turned away, I grabbed hold of his pants, unbuttoned them, and yanked hard.  Bam.  Pink lace.  It was actually quite funny as I sat back and watched him try and talk his way out of it.  First, all of his boxers were dirty.  Then, he was dared by his buddies.  When neither excuse explained the cum stains, the jig was up and he confused.

“I just fucking love panties!  They look so nice and the way they hug my cock feels so good!”

Being who I am, I wasn’t actually interested in guilt-tripping him about it.  In fact, I thought it was cute and kind of wanted to let him indulge.  I told him to show me how he got off in my panties from start to finish.  I wanted to watch him blow his load all over my undies.

Are you a pervert with pantie problems or a stocking fetish?  Call me up!