Here’s a fantasy roleplay that involved me, daddy, and a pair of dirty panties.

I caught daddy milking his mature cock with a pair of my used panties.  I couldn’t believe it.  I gave him my dirty clothes, just like he asked so that he could do the laundry.  But one of my favorite shirts that fell behind my bed got left behind.  In a hurry, I ran it downstairs to him before the wash cycle started and there daddy was.  His pants were around his ankles and he had my pink and white panties that I had just worn today wrapped around his thick, hard cock.

It was already slick with pre-cum and the crotch part of my panties were rubbing the head of his cock as if he were trying to smear as much of my pussy juice against his mushroom head as possible.  And do you want to know the weirdest part?  He didn’t stop!  Even after he saw me.  In fact, he started stroking faster.

“Daddy, what are you doing?!”

“I’m sorry, baby girl.  It just feels so damn good!”

“But I’m your daughter!  And those panties are dirty!  I went to the gym this morning and cheerleading practice, too!”

He actually sped up as I told him this.  It’s like knowing that my pussy had been working hard against my panties all day turned him on even more.

“Did you see that boy you like, too?”


“That boy, Scott.  I bet you did.  I bet your tiny little teen pussy got soaking wet when you saw him in class.  You wanna fuck him, don’t you?  You want him to fill your tight snatch with his big fucking load and let it leak into your panties so that daddy can find them and nut into them, too, huh?”


His own words drove him wild.  I could see spurt after spurt of his jizz pierce through the pussy part of my undies and spray all over the basement floor.  He made such a mess right in front of me all while calling me his sexy little slut and telling me not to look away.  How could I not look away?  He was creaming all over my dirty underwear!

On the plus side, as soon as he came to his senses, my allowance suddenly quadrupled and I was also allowed to go to that party mom said I couldn’t go to.  The one Scott’s throwing.  So I guess it wasn’t all bad. 🙂

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