This college girl prides herself on being her man’s fantasy!

Waking up next to him is probably the happiest I have ever felt. Zach is older than I am, so for him to be laying next to a college girl fast asleep with a raging boner… I have to admit, I took some pride in that. He looked so incredibly sexy laying there and I couldn’t resist teasing him with oral sex. I carefully slipped my hand under the blanket and down his stomach taking my time soaking him in. He moved slightly but was still completely asleep and at my mercy as I started to stroke his thick cock.

I took my time teasing his throbbing member but I knew I couldn’t stop there. I carefully pulled the blankets off and enjoyed the view. His dick was throbbing as I dragged my tongue from his balls all the way up to the tip before sliding it into my mouth. He tasted delicious and as I slid more and more of his length into my mouth I could hear him moan under his breath. I looked up at him as he laced his hand through my hair and smiled stroking him slowly.Zach moaned as I licked and sucked his balls and I could feel my wetness dripping down my thighs. He must have known because he quickly grabbed me and flipped me onto my back rolling on top of me.

Girlfriend of the year

He kissed me slowly tasting my skin and I grabbed his hair as he slid himself inside me in one smooth thrust. We connected in more ways than one with his body on mine and taking control.  He loved to take his time making sure that I felt every single inch. I loved feeling his hot breath on my neck and I couldn’t stop myself from cumming when he sucked my neck. He knew exactly how to drive a college girl wild but I wasn’t done being his little fantasy. I rolled him back onto his back and straddled him eagerly sliding his member back inside my dripping cunt. I loved feeling his hands on my ass bouncing me harder and deeper. His hand fit perfectly in mine and I guided it to my bouncing tits making him grab me.

Adult Phone Chat

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