When I was a college girl I loved to dance for horny men.  Now I’m reliving those glory days.

I love getting the opportunity to relive some of my glory days (not that I’m that far away from my glory days) from when I was a youthful college girl.  Young co-eds get themselves int all sorts of situations which make for some pretty crazy sex stories.

Recently, I was the star of the bachelor party.  When I was a vivacious college girl I sometimes would strip at the club on the other side of town.  Newly engaged to a very successful, slightly older man, I didn’t need the money, but oh how I loved the attention!  All those hungry, horny eyes on me as I gyrate and grind on my slick metal pole.  Twirling and removing piece by piece of clothing until I am before them in my naked glory.  It was my dirty little secret that I kept from my significant other back then.  Of course, as time went on there were many more secrets, each one more depraved and tawdry than the last.

So when I got the invitation to put on a strip show I just couldn’t pass it up

So I show up at the hotel, and I am greeted by the best man.  He is eager, but I can tell he is trying to decide if he made a good choice with me.  He looked me up and down for a little while.  Soaking me in and undressing me with his eyes.  He offered to carry my things in for me and I gladly let him.  He seemed like a very fit young man and I love to watch a man do manual labor.  Once we are up in the luxurious suite I begin unpacking my things.  He grabs my arms and stops me.  “I am not sure you understand, You don’t have the job just yet… You have a final audition, first”  I see that wicked gleam in his eye and the sly smile playing on his lips.  I can play games.  I always win.

Wanna hear the rest of my tale of reliving my days as a college girl? Check back for more and give your favorite phone sex goddess a call today!