My little college girl was awfully naughty.  She will make it right.

Obviously, everyone loves a college girl and I have taken one under my wing.  Such a pretty little thing. I’m giving her a good education and making a whole lot of college sex stories she will be thinking about for decades.  Recently, I caught her being a bad girl outside of a local bar.  Read more on that here, and read on for the continuation.

I pulled the car into the drive and walked inside, with my naughty little pet following behind sheepishly. Once the door shut behind us and the lock clicked she started crying trying to apologize for breaking the single fucking rule I gave her to follow. I pushed her up against the wall and clamped my hand down on her mouth, silencing her.

“One rule. You had one rule to follow. Stay away from the idiot frat boys. You belong to me. You disobeyed me, and, obviously, you will be punished.” I whispered, fiercely, just inches from her face. I could see the tears beginning to well up in her eyes again. Then, I grabbed her arm and pulled her hard into the bedroom.

I pushed her down onto the big king size bed and, then, walked over to my dresser, and pulled from it a massive purple rubber cock. Her eyes widened and she began to shake her head “no” the slightest little bit. I narrowed my eyes and started stroking it in my hand.

She couldn’t look away from that big fat rubber dick.

“Is this what you want, pet? A nice big cock? Did you think that moron at the bar was going to satisfy your tight little cunt?” She, then, buried her face in her hands to hide her embarrassment.

“Look at me” I barked, then, and she looked up at me through her thick eyelashes, wet with tears. I tossed the dildo at her and it landed on the bed with a soft thud. “Since you want cock so badly, you are going to fuck yourself with this big fat cock hard and fast non stop until I give you permission to stop.”

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