He thought he could play a sex game with me, but I can play games too.

So I was auditioning for an exotic dancing gig, but I had a feeling this was just part of some sort of sex game.  Of course, I know how to play a sex game.  When we last left off with our kinky little sex story, the best man of the bachelor party I’d be performing at had demanded a private audition.  He didn’t exactly know what he was asking for

Then, without any hesitation, I pushed him down on the king size bed, and undid my ponytail, shaking my hair loose.  Lustily, I whispered, ” what did you have in mind?” As I began sliding my pants down, exposing the side of my lacy thong.  I grabbed my phone and played “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

I jumped on the bed straddling him.  Suddenly all his confidence was in a pool on the floor

“Well, uh…. I uh thought… uh…”

“Shhhh” I held my finger to his lips to silence him.  “If it is an audition you want,  I’ll give it to you.”

I began grinding myself into him.  I could feel his hard little prick trying to escape the clutches of his jeans.  In few swift motions, I had my tank top off and began fashioning it into a blindfold.  Once his eyes were covered I bent down and bit one of his erect nipples through his shirt.  His gasp put a smile on my face.  When the song began winding down his breathing was getting labored, and his upper lip began to curl.  I hopped off of him “well, that’s the end of your song.  That will be $50”  He pulls off the blindfold stunned but smiling “what?” I looked him in the eye “I’ve passed the audition, and you owe me 50 bucks.  I’m very good at what I do, and I don’t work for free”

Obviously, he gladly paid up and the rest of the night went as planned.  I hadn’t rubbed my cunt up against so many khaki covered boners in a long time, but it was delightful. I think maybe I make a hobby out of it, especially if all the nights get as wild and fun-filled as that one.

Curious what happened after I blew up the best man’s sex game?

Taboo Phone Sex!