In my 19 years, I’ve had many firsts including experience as a college girl cuckold. One of my favorite firsts was when I was a freshman in college and I discovered cuckolding! This college girl cuckold was feeling a little overwhelmed because I didn’t know what I was doing at all. All I knew was that my boyfriend couldn’t satisfy me anymore, and when I took out my vibrator at night, my mind would wander to his older brother. Did this count as emotional cheating? I wasn’t sure! I thought as long as I didn’t act on those dirty thoughts, nothing would happen.
Imagine my surprise when we were on his bed fooling around and he looked me dead in the eye. Then, he asked if I wanted to fuck his brother! Was this a trap? I wasn’t sure, but honesty is the best policy. With that in mind, I blushed and said yes!
My boyfriend said he and his older brother talked about it all the time – at first, it was joking, that his brother could fuck me better than he could. But the jokes got more and more serious until finally my boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore – he asked his brother if he’d just go ahead and fuck me! When his brother said yes, my boyfriend knew I would too.

This College Girl Cuckold Gets Her First Look

So there we were, my boyfriend and I naked in bed, making out. I could feel him getting hard just from the idea of his older brother fucking me. He smiled at me and said if I wanted to, we could do it right then. I nodded so eagerly and he started laughing at me! He yelled towards his bedroom door that I said yes, and the next thing I knew, his brother walked through the door! I could see his brother’s huge cock pressed against his jeans and I knew I wanted to suck him off.
Turns out, my boyfriend’s older brother was an experienced bull. He immediately told his brother to get off of the bed and go sit on the floor. I laughed and said he should sit at his desk and take notes on how to fuck me – little did I know, I was off to a great start at cuckolding my boyfriend! He listened and moved off the bed so his brother could take his place. Before his brother climbed on the bed though, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down. The dick drop that followed was awe-inspiring.

A Brief Interlude from My Cuckolding Flashback

Can I pause for one moment to describe the wonder that is the dick drop? Dick pics are great, but dick drops are next-level. A dick drop is when you send a video (or a well-timed Live Photo) that features your dick dropping after it springs out of your boxers, jeans, sweatpants, etc. It shows off the size and thickness, but more importantly, it shows it moving. A nice photo of a hard dick is great, but I wanna see that thing in action!

This College Girl Cuckold Gets Her First Taste

So his jeans were off and he was on the bed. The first thing he asked me was if I liked sucking cock. I nodded so enthusiastically that he laughed at me! My boyfriend protested from his desk that I hadn’t blown him in ages. I replied that it was because I liked my mouth full of cock. When I sucked him off, I didn’t get that. He sighed but I could see his cock getting hard at the idea of watching me blow his brother.
Before I knew it, I was getting down on my knees for my boyfriend’s hot older brother. He cupped my chin in one hand and squeezed gently; I opened my mouth obediently and he slid his thick, hard cock into my mouth. My boyfriend and I groaned at the same time and his older brother laughed again. He told my boyfriend how good my hot, wet mouth felt stretched around his big dick, and we both moaned again. He praised me then, saying I was such a good college girl cuckold, taking his cock down my throat right in front of my boyfriend.

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