My older brother swore to me up and down that he was not into incest sissy fantasies. But I wasn’t altogether convinced. It turns out that I should learn to trust my instincts better. He was a sissy with a desperate need to be feminized and I was just the girl to help!

Wardrobe Malfunction?

I was surprised to find that my panties didn’t fit quite right over Easter break when I was with my family. They felt to be too big for my hips and slid down my ass inside my jeans. It seemed odd, especially considering the holidays are a time to generally gain weight! The bathroom scale told me that I was roughly the same weight, however, so I knew something was going on with my lingerie.

My brother has never been very masculine. He prefers to shop instead of heading to a football game on weekends. And he has quite a collection of clothes that always has matching shoes for every outfit. One time he even helped me do my makeup for a school dance. It turned out better than if I’d done it myself!

It seemed plausible that he was, in fact, a sissy even though he never said it out loud. One afternoon when we were at the mall, we stopped for an Orange Julius and discussed which shop to venture into next. I suggested Victoria’s Secret and he lit up.

“Their new fall collection is stunning,” he told me. “They have a deep plunge bra to die for.”

Everyone has a secret

My brother helped me pick out a couple of really cute bras to try on. They had lace and satin and were all shades of pink. I boldly asked him to come back to the dressing room with me – just to help me decide what worked best. He gulped hard but followed me in. It shouldn’t be any problem at all considering we grew up together, right?

He sat down in the dressing room and held the bras for me, taking time to feel each fabric, describing their softness and how pretty each was.

Three bras in, I asked him if he’d like to try on one. He gasped but it wasn’t because he was horrified by the prospect. My older brother wanted to try on all of that satin and lace!

He stood in the mirror with me and tried on bras that didn’t fit me quite right. He was broader than me in the chest, and all over really, so he needed larger sizes. When we found one that fit him perfectly, he had the brightest smile.

Such a pretty sissy

“Doesn’t it make me look pretty?” he grinned. Then he put his hands on his hips and turned all the way around to check himself out.

Testing my idea, I agreed with him. “You’re the very prettiest sissy I’ve ever seen.”

His eyes flashed and I could have sworn I saw his cock twitch in my peripheral vision. That’s when he admitted his dirty secret.

“I have incest sissy fantasies about us. Trying on your bras and panties at home makes this little sissy feel so good. I just can’t help it.”

Not one to judge, I helped him pick out sweet, soft little panties for him to wear, and in his own size so he’d stop stretching mine out! We took our collection of new lingerie home and decided to play together a little.

Incest Sissy Fantasies

I indulged him in his incest sissy fantasies when we got home. I instructed him as a good sissy boy and he obeyed immediately and tried on all of his pretty new things for me. He changed in the bathroom so quickly it’d make your head spin. The doorway was graced with his presence just moments later. He transformed into someone I didn’t recognize. Sissy mode was in full effect.

Prancing around my room, he spun in his new bra and panties. I told him he was a very pretty sissy and he’d get so much attention looking like that. He went to my closet and tried on one of my pink skirts which I thought was pretty cute.

He got so hard in his little panties, I could see his cock push the skirt right up.

“Are you hard because you’re in pretty panties for me?” He nodded and blushed. “Are you going to cum hard thinking of us in bras together earlier?” I could tell we’d have a lot more fun with his sissy incest fantasies from now on.

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