I love to indulge in a thick cum facial for its moisturizing properties and it’s a fun release for you, too. Self-care is so important, especially during these difficult times! Even cock-hungry cock whores like me need some TLC every now and again.

Apply Directly To The Forehead

Head OnIt sort of seems like a lot of things are falling apart everywhere else in the world, so I think a bit of TLC is good for everybody’s mood. That means getting lots of rest, setting a schedule for yourself even if you’re only telecommuting and (if you’re like me) creating a skin-care regimen for yourself.

Those super old commercials for “Head On” always said the best way to do it was to “apply directly to the forehead.” I find that’s true for thick cum facials, too! It’s best for a guy to jerk off right over my face. Direct application is best because it will hit the t-zone and drip down. Cumming on my tits is also good because I can massage it right into my tits for a slippery treat. It’s easy on the cleanup, too!

Sometimes, I’ll wrap my hand around a cock and tease that concentrated cum out with my tongue. It really helps if I use my hand to massage his balls when they tighten. If I use my mouth, guys tend to come too quickly though. And they finish shooting their load all over my nerdy glasses! I’d really prefer it if they’d just dump their jizz on my face for my delicious thick cum facial treatment.

I want your hot load of cum.

On the off times, like during social distancing, it’s difficult to have a thick cum facial unless we break a few rules and sneak a guy into the apartment for a quick jerk-off session. The last time I invited a guy over, he came pretty quickly. I dropped down to my knees, stroked up his thighs, and opened my mouth wide. That thick cock slipped in and out of my hands as I licked and sucked at his head. I told him I just really needed his cum. A cock slut knows how to beg. I was concerned he might cum all over my nerdy glasses, so I took them off.

That’s when he pulled me up off of my knees and tossed me onto the bed. Tugging my shorts and thong off, he pushed his rock hard dick inside my slick pussy. The bed creaked and my tits bounced he fucked me so deep. Something primal in me screamed out for release. He groaned and pushed my legs up onto his shoulders to get even deeper. I was squirting in no time, but that wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted him to cum and cum hard – on my face.

Thick Cum Facial

I begged him not to finish inside of me. He could fuck me all he wanted but he had to pull out so I could get that cum I needed! After I told him, “At least cum on my tits, Ben,” his cock jerked and he gripped my hips harder. His thrust was so deep, it damn near lifted me right off the bed! But he came inside of me and I was not happy. It’s not a birth control thing of course. It’s a beautifying age defiance thing and he just didn’t understand.

I told him to get out immediately. He took his walk of shame downstairs all alone past my roommate and I slammed the door behind him. I’m not incredibly proud of what I did next, but I had a plan.

Sometimes You Gotta Do It Yourself

Laying on my back, I pulled out one of my biggest dildos and took a deep breath. I slipped one of the shelves of my makeup organizer under my ass. Thinking of how gorgeous my skin is still going to look ten years from now, I pushed that huge dildo into my pussy and fucked myself. The harder I pounded, the more my pussy tightened. When it tightened, cum came pouring out of me and into the plastic container. I had all I needed for my facials. I just had to remember to put it in the fridge for my roommate to hopefully not find the next morning!

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