College Girl Cream Pie

If you’re just tuning in, you can read Part One of my College Girl Cream Pie —>HERE<— to catch up on all of the crazy fun that I had over my birthday weekend!

I threw him onto the bed, hiked up my skirt, and straddled him. Derek unzipped his pants, just enough to pull his dick out. While I pushed my creamed panties to the side and shoved his massive cock into my pussy…

I groaned loudly as I felt every inch of his thick cock stretch my tight pussy. As I rode his dick, which was now covered with cream from my pussy; I felt soft hands grab my tits from behind. Brandy kissed my neck while massaging my breasts. She ripped open my shirt causing the buttons to fly across the room. Brandy unhooked my bra and threw it towards the small crowd that had gathered around the bed. She then tore my soaked, creamed panties off of me; all while Derek’s big cock was still in my wet pussy. Brandy giggle uncontrollably as she tossed them onto Derek’s face and told him to sniff my dirty panties.

I didn’t realize until then, that Brandy and Derek were into some super hot brother and sister incest sex. While I was still riding Derek’s dick; Brandy began licking my asshole and sucking on Derek’s balls. I felt Derek’s cock begin to throb as my pussy tensed around his dick. Unable to control me, I gave in as my body was overcome with ecstasy. Derek’s thick, warm cum shot into me and filled my pussy with cum. Satisfied and completely out of breath; I rolled to the side of the bed, lying on my back. Derek’s cum oozed out of my pussy and into my asshole, eventually soaking the bed sheets underneath me.

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