Panty Sniffing

You and I have spent hours on the phone together and it has been a total blast! But, I have been doing a lot of thinking and I feel that it is time that we took things to the next level. I love hearing your voice on the phone and listening to you moan as you shoot a load of warm cum all over the place. Like I said, I am ready to take things to the next level, I know about your secret Panty Fetish and that you think Panty Sniffing is so hot! Actually, you have been my muse for some of my Oral Sex Stories.



Sniff My Panties

You have mentioned a few times that you want to sniff my panties. Well, wouldn’t you love to hear me talk dirty to you while you stroke your hard dick? And just when you are about to cum, I want you to take a big whiff of my worn panties and imagine my wet pussy smothering your face.









Panty Fetish

Panty Fetish and Oral Sex Stories With Brittany 888.416.2401

I know how badly you crave to sniff my panties while you jerk off and now here is your chance to fulfill your panty fetish with my panties. When you set up a paid call with me, you can also buy my worn panties. And if you are feeling extra naughty, you can buy my creamed panties. I can see you rubbing my dirty panties all over your face already! Or were you already planning to wrap my panties around your dick while you stroked your throbbing, hard cock? Well, what if I have already decided to force you to wear my panties all day long? Of course, I would need pictures as proof. I can’t promise you that those pictures won’t make their way over to this blog though… Eh, fuck it! I want you to shove my panties in your mouth as you cum. That’s IF I let you cum! 😏






Pussy Worship

Panty Fetish and Oral Sex Stories With Brittany 888.416.2401

You know what to do; bow down, babe. Get down on your knees and worship my pussy. You can not get enough of my juicy pussy, can you? Ha! I knew it! Well, as long as you continue to keep me and my pussy happy; I will allow you to worship my pussy and satisfy your panty fetish. And since you are not able to bury your face in my pussy, which is where you belong. I will allow you to bury your face in my used panties while you imagine yourself licking my sweet pussy and tasting my cum on your lips.