College girl an 8 Ball & YOU in the corner pocket

As a College girl I had to pay my own way through college. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth even though I love telling people my pussy, however, is dipped in gold. *giggle*For those of you who don’t know I slid down the soul pole (stripped) to pay my way. Even though that was awesome money, it wasn’t enough to pay all my bills, plus keep up my lifestyle. I LOVE playing pool, so I made it MY HUSTLE. The pool is A LOT Like sex if you think about it. I have always loved both.

This post may be a bit different, but hey! I’m different. All these bug burly college guys always wanna show this little ole country college girl how to play pool.

I always love how guys wanna show me HOW to play pool, and Sometimes I let them, but I ALWAYS wind up showing them a thing or two.

To get ready, I always put on something sexy, something that may prove to be a nice distraction.I “chalk” my hands to make sure that everything will slide through nicely. Then I pick out my stick, which one will I use? It really doesn’t matter, it just has to belong, and hard and feel good in my hands. I love being watched as I “rack em up” and as I catwalk all around the table. Usually, my opponent isn’t all that nervous about playing against me, because I’m just a hot chick right?? How much could I know about a “man’s game”?

This Little college girl can kick your ass, and pay the rent baby!

I don’t know when it hits them, that, in fact, I AM a threat. It may be when I sache’ my hot ass to the end of the table and bend all the way over letting my skirt ride up to break and send balls flying everywhere, or it may be after I’ve popped the cherry of our game, and sent a little wink their way. Fidgeting is what some call it, I  tend to play with my stick quite a bit as I’m waiting for my turn. I just can’t help it, you know how much I love to play with them ;).

I always go for solids, and I always start off with a trick shot.*giggles* I love the “holy shit” face my opponent offers, when I make a fucking 2 ball trick shot, banked in the side pocket. Now as my opponent is slowly starting to figure me out, I’m pretty sure, I’m undoing my top buttons, after all there are a lot of people at these tournaments and it does tend to get HOT, and speaking of balls, by now I’m positive my opponents are a nice shade of blue. *wink*

We go back and forth for a while, and the only thing on my mind is sealing the deal, and sinking that fucking 8 ball, in the pocket of my choice. I always call the pocket, look at my opponent, and lick the handle of my stick, before I go all out. AND I always walk all the way around the table, making sure to touch, or brush up against my opponent, right before I bank

that 8 ball sooooo smoothly into its pretty little pocket.

Think I’m still that cutesy little college girl? Wanna try me?
Take ya best shot, I’ll take all ya got!


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