Coerced bi CEI humiliation is something I take very seriously. Some may call me a bratty teen, but I get irritable if I don’t have a challenge every once in a while. It keeps things interesting, especially among sexually frustrated friends.

My best guy friend couldn’t make it home for the holidays, so he came to my family’s get together.  We were always teasing, testing and pushing each other. If he volunteered at the animal shelter, I’d do a pet adoption drive. If I started a new juice cleanse, he’d cleanse and then go work out for five hours. It was just the nature of our friendship – that is until one day I pushed him to the brink and did a coerced bi CEI humiliation session with him at the gym.

Staying over at my parents’ house is difficult enough, but it’s nearly impossible to get any “alone” time without a cousin walking in or an uncle asking about stringing more lights outside. Lots of family means quick hot showers or long cold ones. That wouldn’t be nearly enough time for him to rub one out, so I knew he had to be sexually frustrated too. He was practically pacing like a tiger in a cage by the time I asked Ross if he needed to get away with me.

I didn’t feel comfortable going out all alone at night after all of the “forced family fun” was done for the day. We planned to visit the gym at about 1 am when it’d be empty and we could sneak away from the house together. Because of that competitive relationship, he pushed me: “There’s no way you’ll get out of bed at 1 am to go running, little girl,” I bristled a bit. The bratty teen came out in me and I told him plainly over dinner, “You’re on, old man. Just try to outrun my ass.”

Friend Fingers Me In His Car

It was incredibly cold outside in the middle of the night but he’d warmed his car before we left, so that helped a bit. Ross still saw me shuddering, even all bundled up in my winter coat, hat, and scarf. Breathing into my cupped hands, he took them from my mouth and slid them between my thighs. He left his large hand between my thighs too, pressed right up against the apex of my legs.

It didn’t take too terribly long to get to his gym, but it felt like forever. Biting my bottom lip, I hoped he wouldn’t feel how wet he’d made me through the fabric of my yoga pants. He unceremoniously removed his fingers from between my legs when he jumped out of the car and I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I decided to keep my mouth shut and focus on my workout instead.

Lusting After My Teen Tits and Cute Ass

We were wrong: there were people at the 24-hour gym when we arrived. I couldn’t help but notice him watching me as I peeled off my heavy down jacket. He helped me stretch out and I saw how he peered down inside my top to look at my perfect teen tits as I leaned forward to touch my toes. Refilling his waterbottle took much longer than it should have. Not paying attention, he practically dumped it on himself checking out my ass.

Using His Weakness For My Body Against Him

Lifting weights or being aware I was watching him in the mirror got him so hard. By the time he joined me on the ellipticals, he was tenting severely against the front of his gym shorts. He didn’t even try to hide it.

I knew then was my moment to strike when he set his machine and started palming himself right there next to me.

“Ross?” I asked in my most innocent tone. “You still want to try to outrun my ass?”

Groaning something to the effect of doing “something” to my ass made me giggle. I challenged him to a quick mile where the winner would have to make the other one come right there in the gym.

Bratty Teens Know How to Cheat for Cum

At 5’4″, I definitely have shorter legs than he does. With all of the training and weightlifting he did, I wouldn’t beat him if I didn’t cheat just a little

With a minute left in his run, I slipped out of my sports bra and slowed my pace. It forced him to glance over at me to see what was wrong. The only problem was his, though, as I lifted my top up and flashed my perky teen tits right at him. Lost in watching my tits bounce, he came to a dead stop on his machine. Continuing my slower, forward progress, I kept him entranced with my curves.

Needless to say, I won the mile race with barely a bead of sweat rolling down my body. When he finally conceded his loss, I let him put his hands on me. Mouthing my tits for just a few seconds made me so horny, but I forced him to stop.

“You want to get me off? I breathed at him. He could not have shot me a darker gaze and started to peel off his shirt. He was so desperate he’d have done anything for me at that moment, so I pointed over to the really attractive guy lifting weights near us: “Blow him.”

Coerced Bi CEI Humiliation

I wasn’t sure he’d be into coerced bi CEI humiliation but I knew he hated to lose. I more than half expected him to tell me to fuck off, but he was in a tough spot. Wordlessly, he stood up and approached the guy. I had to see if he was going to follow through on our agreement, so I sneaked into the guys’ locker room after them and sat on a nearby bench to observe.

On his knees, he didn’t seem very interested in completing the task at hand, so I began to instruct him. I explained just how to jerk Random Gym Guy off and how to breathe between gags. I pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my pussy when he protested out loud.

Finish Both of Us

I taunted him mercilessly, “You’re a nasty little cock slut, aren’t you, Ross? It must be so humiliating to know you lost to me. Now you’re swallowing a fat dick for me. You wish that was my pussy, don’t you? You’ll clean me up after he’s done using your mouth. That’s right – eat all of that thick, hot cum, you disgusting man whore. Good. Now let me see your tongue. Did you finish your protein drink?”

Tugging on his hair, I forced him onto my pussy to finish me next. As I shuddered on his mouth, I couldn’t quite tell how he was feeling about it all, only that I’d gotten off on the coerced bi CEI humiliation I’d put my friend through.

Want to hear the rest of the kinky story with my friend, Ross? Or maybe we could come up with a story of our own. Pick up the phone and have some coerced bi CEI humiliation fun with your favorite bratty teen.

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