A naughty cheerleader gets caught.

A cheerleader gets caught doing all kinds of dirty things in her life. Seriously, think about it! All my friends have gotten caught doing a myriad of things, from smoking up, doing drugs with the guys, to fucking them after-school or at frat parties. I went along for the ride with almost all of it, too. I’ve been into cheerleading ever since I was little. So after a couple of years, when I moved states to a new high school, I had to keep it up! I tried out for the new team immediately and scored a position and a cute, skimpy, red & black uniform for myself.

But you wanna know the best part of it? Getting to see how it drove my new boyfriend crazy! I was just 15 at the start of Sophomore year and I decided it was time to get back into it. Plus, after all the time I spent trying to be a good girl, I was having LOADS of fun with it. That skimpy red and black outfit was definitely a tease and I was using on any poor soul in my path. Sometimes I bent over in that little skirt to drive my boyfriend crazy. Other times, I’d even use it on my teachers because we were allowed to wear all our uniforms on game-days, even if the skirt was too short for the ‘fingertip rule.’

My parents never suspected a thing.

I was always having fun teasing and playing with everyone’s imagination. On game days, I was free to show off my uniform without worrying if I was showing off too much leg or anything. That meant hell for the guys and teachers that liked to check me and my friends out. I liked to play a game and see how long it would take before someone would interrupt me just because I was turning them on too much. Sometimes my friends liked to play along and make out with each other or their boyfriends in-between the classes. I liked to see if someone would be talking about how often a cheerleader gets caught doing something naughty at school.

I was just another young cheer slut teasing every guy in sight, until the week of my boyfriend’s birthday. I’d been teasing him forever and not actually going all the way with him. Maybe I was a little shy, but a bunch of the other girls were holding out on actually fucking someone, so I was too. However, his birthday fell right on a game-day Friday. I’d been so busy lately that I started feeling bad. It looked like I wouldn’t be able to do anything special for him for most of the afternoon. It was practice, practice, practice, and then the game until late that night.

So..I got a little creative with it.

For the most part, I had him watch the game with his friends from the bleachers. Every now and then I’d shoot him a little wink and bend over a little too much. The whole game was to let him catch a glimpse of something he shouldn’t! Sure.. There were other guys in the audience, but they just got lucky. The show was all for him. None of the teachers saw enough of the striptease to come down and scold me. I didn’t even hear the usual ‘cheerleader gets caught showing her ass for her boyfriend’ rumors that a lot of the girls usually ran into when they were doing that.

After I teased my boyfriend for the entire game, I finally made a run for it. I quickly told the girls that I was taking a break. As soon as I left, I texted him to meet me under the bleachers. The thought made him hopefull almost instantly and he thought I’d fuck him under the bleachers. However, that wasn’t my initial intention. Honestly, I was just going to suck his cock and tease him even more. Maybe, I’d strip down to let him take some pictures. Surprisingly, a few people had already sneaked down there to fuck around. The naughty freaks had the same idea, but we didn’t care.

I pushed my boyfriend up against the wall the first chance I got.

He always got excited when I played rough with him. I let him have it all for his birthday. I was kissing, touching him, stripping down so we could fuck around almost completely naked under there. To his dismay, one of the coaches got curious about all the noise coming from underneath and came wandering down. It wasn’t a surprise at all. They found people making out, smoking, and doing all kinds of shit down there, all the time. But this time they found just. Just another cheerleader gets caught fucking her boyfriend during a football game.

Now I’m wondering. If you were that coach, would you have tried to join in and fuck me? Sometimes a little ageplay phone sex fantasy is all it takes to start up a new kink. 😉

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