I became a Cheating Wife when the cop that came to my rescue was hot and heroic.

Being a Cheating Wife is something I never thought I would be because I have always been a good girl. One night I was home alone at night again. My husband is a real workaholic, and I’m all by myself all the time. On this night I heard a loud noise right outside my bedroom. I became so afraid that I decided in a panic to call the Phone Sex Operator. The sexy woman on the other end of the line was very reassuring and let me know two officers would be arriving shortly. That was such a relief but I was still so afraid because someone could be right outside my window.

The police officers arrived and looked like they could protect a city all by themselves. Both were tall with a broad build and were incredibly good-looking.  One of the partners imparticular was unbelievably sexy. They looked around the house for a long while and took a report from me. When they were ready to leave I expressed that I was still feeling very unsettled and the cop I was into the most offered to stay. It was hard not to allow my mind to create instant Fantasy Phone Sex. Imagining this gorgeous man naked was totally impulsive. 

I felt a connection to him too and I could see it in his eyes he felt it too. We stayed up drinking coffee and Baileys Irish Cream. Connecting on all levels was effortless, and then he asked about my husband. Nothing very fun to report there I told him. My husband travels for work so much, and when he’s home he really isn’t home still. This beautiful man told me how a woman like me shouldn’t be left alone to protect herself like this. I like hearing that from someone, and especially someone with who I can tell I have incredible chemistry. Without warning, he kissed me and …