My husband had been cold towards me lately. He had even stopped having sex with me. He just shut me out sexually. The thought was intrusive – Was it me? I soon decided to join tinder and find solace in talking with someone else since he was no longer very available. When I met Tim, he was a sweet young boy. His pictures were difficult to believe. He was just 21 years of age. Some would say being the cheating wife turns me into the bad guy, but what I found out, made it all worth it.

A Girl Has Needs…

When the day finally came for us to meet, I had scheduled our meeting for my place to avoid prying eyes. My husband had decided to travel that very day to my advantage. Immediately, my husband left the house; Tim arrived just ten minutes later. He looked better in person than in the pictures I saw.

I made him comfortable and soon made the first move on him. Watching him sip his drink while I caressed his thighs was just the beginning. I leaned in and kissed him. His lips felt so sweet and soft. Turns out, me being a cheating wife turns him on – just as much as I. This kiss made his dick respond like a dog to a bone.

He got so hard instantly. I rubbed my hands over them through his jean. He seemed a bit shy at first. I helped undress myself to ease his tension. Maybe if I am fully naked and vulnerable, it will break the ice. I also removed his shirt and jean, leaving just his brief. Guiding my breast into his mouth at this point, just felt natural. He grabbed on like a hungry child and sucked. It was so good that it made me remember how long it had been since I had anyone suck those titties. 

Wait, Being A Cheating Wife Turns My Marriage Around?

Without warning or any knock, I heard the door open. I had been so lost. Lost enough to not hear the key rattling in the keyhole. With a quick glance, I saw my quiet husband standing before us. I stood transfixed as I never expected it. I just waited for him to do anything. He just locked the door behind him and walked over to me. He placed a kiss on my forehead and simply said, you should have told me. I and Tim were frozen. Shocked. Then he told me he had always wanted to have someone else fuck me while he watches. I never imagined my husband as someone who’d be into cuckold fantasy. 

I smiled and asked if he was angry just to be sure, and he answered, “not at all.”

Instantly, He Became A Pro-Director

He asked Tim for his name and then told him to continue sucking my breast while he undressed and sat on the opposite couch. He watched as Tim sucked my breast, and I moaned. Then he came over to touch my pussy. I never would have thought having a cheating wife turns him on this much. When he saw I was fully wet, he motioned for us to move to the bedroom. We all moved to the bedroom. He took over my breast while Tim wore a condom and fucked me as if his life depended on it.

I moaned and screamed as my husband continued to caress and suck my breast. He stroked himself as he watched Tim fuck me. He told Tim to go faster, and Tim obliged until I climax. Tim must have enjoyed this little scene as well since he filled every space possible in that condom. At the same time, my husband also came from stroking himself and let out a sigh of relief. 

Cherry On The Top

Then my husband came to suck my pussy, which sent me into a shivering orgasm as he licked off Tim’s cum. I never knew I would have gotten so hot and bothered watching my loving husband clean another’s cum out of me. Then we all collapsed into bed exhausted and all satisfied. 

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