Applying for a babysitter job in a fancy neighborhood usually only took a few things – good grades, an innocent look, and a dazzling smile. Good thing I had all three in spades. I’ve done this a few times now, seducing the husband into sleeping with me. Making him fuck my brains out like the sex-obsessed whore that I am. My blond pigtails and braces usually only enhanced the image of an innocent senior. Never once did I see myself doing girl on girl flirting with the mother of the house.

I’m Picking Up On The Message

When I’d interviewed with the Smiths’ It had gone about as I thought, they were both rich executives with little time to look after their kids. What made this time different was that Mr. Smith wasn’t the one looking at me, Mrs. Smith was practically eating me up with her eyes as she sat across the way from me, on the opposite couch. I’d experimented with girls before but nothing like this, never an older woman. When Mr. Smith got up to make some tea, his wife and I made small talk, boring by necessity.

I decided to have some fun, and because the idea of an older woman finding me sexy was making my little pussy wet with anticipation. My private school uniform had an irritating plaid skirt, that in my opinion was only good for one thing. She smiled and nodded at the appropriate times as she asked me about my school life and what I had planned for after. I couldn’t stop the flood of disgusting thoughts, of course, I never expected to be so turned on by girl on girl flirting like this. With an older woman, nonetheless. So, I did the only thing my horny mind could think of. I opened my legs just a tad and showed her my quivering quim, shaved and wet.

Now I Am Girl On Girl Flirting With A MILF?

She stopped mid-sentence, freezing as her gaze seemed glued to my hungry little snatch. She looked up into my eyes and I stared back with an innocent smile. I cherished watched her until she seemed to snap out of it as her husband returned with our tea. In response, I quickly closed my legs but I could see the hunger in her eyes.

I Am Not The Only One With These Thoughts!

The Smiths’ headed out for the night, but apparently, Mrs. Smith claimed she wasn’t feeling the best. I watched her pull up in the driveway, but he was not with her. So I ran to her room, laid out with my ass in the air, ready for her to find me like that. I hear her approach from behind so I groan, “Oh god, Oh yes! Just there!”. The shift so far was so easy. Besides, I am not oblivious – she isn’t sick. If this is going to happen, my pussy is beyond wet and ready.

No time was wasted. She grabbed me with my ass in the air as she devoured my pussy, drinking the needy nectar that dripped from between my lips. That harmless girl on girl flirting was now her tasting how wet she made me! She was insatiable, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm as I writhed beneath her snake-like tongue. It would be days before I would be called again to babysit. However, I knew that she’d be waiting and this time I would be the one with my tongue in her sweet cunt. After all, I was a good girl and I wanted to please.

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