One of the workers in the produce section was watching as I was putting on a show bending over in my short short mini skirt to squeeze the veggies. He was young, built, blonde and hot.  ” So did you see me exposing myself ?” He blushed and said, “Yes maam. You have a beautiful ass.”  I stepped a little closer to him and whispered in his ear, “Oh yea….you should see my tits.”  With his cock bulging in his pants he said, “I get off in 15 minutes.” I said “Good, when I get you home…I will really get you off.”

I was waiting in my red convertible when my hot blonde new boyfriend walked out of the store and jumped in the passenger seat. I took off with my foot gunning the gas pedal.  He slid his hand up my skirt and fingered fucked me all the way to my house. When we pulled into my driveway my nosy neighbor was eyeing my hot new friend and rolling their eyes at me and shaking their head.  I know they will drop a hint to husband so I just played along. As my hot blonde carried my grocery bags to my door I turned to my neighbor and said, “There was so much fresh produce on sale I just couldn’t resist getting a private chef to show me a few things.”

When I walked in the house he was standing there with his pants down to his ankles and cock as big as my arm stretched out hard and ready for me to suck. I locked the door, closed the blinds, ripped off my blouse and pulled down my skirt. I dropped down to my knees in front of his hot body just to smell that tasty looking cock.

I stretched out my wet tongue and started licking his balls. Mmmm….they were salty and sweaty and I loved it. I stroked the shaft of his cock with my hand as I guided the fat mushroom head in my mouth. I sucked it and licked it and loved hearing him moan. I opened my mouth wide and let his long throbbing dick slide right down my throat. He held my head as he pounding and thrust that hard cock deep down throat. He moaned as he fucked my mouth.

With hubby out of town I have found a way to keep myself satisfied. Oh I have so much in store for my young hot lover. He is now a part of the story of the CHEATING WIFE Part 2.