My Thrilling Cheating Sex Stories Adventures Takes Us To A Window!

Come with me on this cheating sex stories ride!  I know you would probably feel very angry at your significant other for cheating on you.  There is something undeniably hot about the fantasy, the concept that at any moment your wife could be somewhere other than work or at her girlfriend’s house.  Does your mind wander where she is tonight?

My friend Clarance suspected his wife Tiffany of cheating for some time.  At first, he was very upset thinking about the possibility.  She hardly came home to spend time with him anymore.  He noticed when he would wash her clothes that her panties would be very moist.  He confessed he liked to sniff her panties and they smelled of her and someone else.  After being married so long you come to know your wife’s scent.

One night he got a call from his friend Peter who worked at a nearby motel.

He told him he saw his wife Tiffany go into a room with a client who just checked into the motel.  Clarance decided to go and confront her.  He wondered how he would do this.  On one hand he was jealous but also very aroused thinking of his lovely wife getting it from another guy.  Once Clarance got to the motel, he was given the room number on the sly.  He saw his wife’s car parked outside.  Clarance’s heart skipped a beat anticipating what he might see.

Upon nearing the room he could hear moaning.  He followed his wife’s familiar moans to a window.  Through the blinds, he saw his wife on the bed on her hands and knees giving a guy a blowjob.  His cock was huge!  She sucked and licked and took the whole cock down her throat.  When was the last time she sucked his dick?  Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.  Her eyes were watering from the size.

After a while, he flipped her on her back.

Clarance watched as he slid his huge dick into her tight pussy.  Clarance couldn’t take it anymore.  Just watching his little wife be a slut was his undoing.  He knelt down to look closer and started to touch himself through his pants.  Clarence didn’t want to touch too much.  He knew he would blow his load quick.  Perhaps that is why she was fucking him.  Clarance knew he had come too fast.  He probably disappointed his wife.

Clarance never dreamed he would be in the midst of a cheating sex stories drama.  Tiffany was the slut he fantasized about.  The guy’s cock thrust hard and long inside of her over and over.  She moaned like she had never done with him.  Clarance knew he couldn’t take much more of this torture.  He was ready to burst.

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