Exotic Fetishes Cum Out to Play!

What are your darkest unspoken fetishes?  Come on, we all have them!  Perhaps they only surface once in a while.  Regardless of the fetish we all long to indulge in what turns us on.  Like in the case of my sister Renee.  She was working at a medium-sized office.  There were several departments, and for the most part, most departments were very cliquish, sticking with each other and not interacting with anyone else.  This is Renee’s story.

The hours seemed to stretch out before me.  Why didn’t I stay in bed?  I wasn’t even supposed to come in today.  That’s what I get for being Miss. Nice Girl.  Work provided lunch today.  Now I’m wishing I hadn’t eaten it.  My stomach really hurts.  I head to the bathroom and find an “Out of Order” sign.  Crap!  My eyes start to water and my thighs rub together.  I really didn’t want to use a senior associate’s office bathroom.  That would be so embarrassing.  I knew if I stood here too long the decision would be made for me!

Swallowing my pride, I walked by the first open office.  The name on the door said “Damian.”  I knocked on the open door softly to let him know of my presence.  Damian lifted his head from his work.  He seemed very pleasant and cheerful.  We had never met personally but had seen one another in the office.  Damian asked how he could help me.

I explained my dilemma while trying to keep from losing it and having an accident right on the office floor.

Damian got up and locked his door so we could talk in private.  He said normally employees don’t use his private bathroom and that there was a public restroom on the floor.  I told Damian the restroom was out of order.  He could see the desperation on my face.  he relinquished and said he didn’t want me making a mess all over the floor.  He showed me to his private restroom and said I could use it if I played by his rules.  Knowing I really didn’t have a choice at this point, I acquiesced.

I was instructed to leave the door open while I went potty.  I sat down on the toilet.  My release into the toilet was heavenly.  The golden liquid flowed from my tortured pussy.  The feeling was almost orgasmic.  A small moan escaped my lips.  Damian was getting hard watching me go potty.  I could see the bulge in his pants growing larger.  The pain in my stomach let me know I wasn’t done.  He sensed my discomfort and asked if I needed to do something else.

I told him I needed to go number two!  It gave his cock a thrill when I described my urgency to go scat.  Damian encouraged me to go and let it all out.  I was so embarrassed going to the bathroom with the door open before a stranger.  My stomach hitched and I pushed expelling my scat into the toilet.  It was warm and came out freely.  I did feel better!

Damian informed me there was no toilet paper and that he’d help me clean myself.

I felt my face redden as he came up to me.  He ordered me to turn around.  Embarrassed, I complied.  I could hear the sound of his zipper as he pulled his pants down.  I bent over spreading my cheeks waiting for some help.  Instead of toilet paper, I felt his hard dick on my ass gliding up and down my dirty ass hole.  My embarrassment turned to a tinge of hot lust feeling the head of his dick rubbing up and down.  I never even dreamed out of all fetishes this groomed man had such exotic fancies.  It was definitely not an unpleasant experience and would love to know what else he fancied.

After that day he invited me to his office for many drinks knowing what would happen next.  Would you like to hear more about our hot exploration?  Explore your fetishes!  Ready for your own hot fetish phone sex?  Place that call right now!

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