Read One of My Most Sensual Anal Sex Stories Where A Seldom Used Exit Finds A Visitor!

No, if ands or buts about it, this is one of my kinkiest sexy anal sex stories.  We all love erotic sex stories.  I can truly say when I look back on my first anal sex experience it was a memorable and positive experience that taught me a lot about my body.  This story definitely is a conversation starter when I engage in hot phone sex and has been the center of some of the best phone sex call discussions.

I was fortunate enough to be with a man with more experience than myself at the time and one who treated me with gentleness and care which went a long way to our experience.  We met at a hotel for an extended weekend together.  Neither of our homes would be suitable for frolicking.  I packed my black goodie bag with some lingerie, dress clothes, lube, toys, handcuffs, and other essentials that I would need for that weekend.

Our room was nice and had a lovely view.  I remember most of that weekend was spent in bed.  We slipped into the sheets together.  He took me in his arms and tenderly kissed my soft lips.  Our passion built up like a slow-burning fire.  He kissed his way down to my soft wetness and pleasured me with his mouth till I reached orgasm.  We made love for long moments till we were spent.  Then he flipped me on my stomach and said we were going to try something new and gently touched my ass with his finger.

I tensed for a moment.  He told me to relax as this would feel better if I just relaxed.

He lubed up his fingers with gel and started to rub up and down on my anal opening.  I enjoyed that immensely.  His fingers were replaced by his tongue and I fell into a blissful happiness as he tongued my ass.  He parted my legs and I felt him kneeling between my parted legs.

He took the head of his cock and started rubbing my ass very slowly up and down the wet slit.  His cock started to push slowly into my opening.  I moaned as I felt the head of his dick pop through.  Then I felt him moving within me.  The warmth of our bodies rubbing together sent shivers down my back.  He told me we would both feel something special.  Boy was he right!  That night was one of the best nights ever!  I can’t wait to share the rest of this story with you on our call.  It’s too juicy and wet to miss.

Did this story get you in the mood for some delicious fetish phone sex?  Perhaps you have some memorable anal sex stories that you would love to share with me.

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