Take A Journey Into the Future With Me And Read One of My Granny Sex Stories Involving A Good Ole Fashioned Treat!

Come on, admit it. Granny sex stories are steamy hot!  Some love MILF stories, others anal sex stories.  I plan to live forever and hopefully make it to the Singularity!  I will definitely be a spritely sassy granny who loves to have fun every chance I get!  Let’s time hop as I tell you this hot fantasy I have.

I’m at the piping hot age.  I’m hot and modern medicine it has afforded me quite a healthy long life.  I am still very playful, and mischievous,  and love to start fun trouble.  Every day in the middle of the afternoon, I love to look out my window watching all the youngsters pass by after school lets out.  One such youngster comes over to help me with some chores around the house.  Never in my wildest imagination did I expect what would happen today.

I was rocking in my comfy chair with a snuggly blanket, a nightgown, and my granny panties on.  I thought I heard a knock at the door.  So I cocked my head and listened.  There the knock came again.  I slowly rose and sauntered over to the door.  Luckily he waited for me.  I’m not as quick on my feet as I used to be.

For the purposes of this story, we will call him Steve.

Steve was a polite youngling who was a big help to me.  After he helped with the chores I would pay him and give him a snack before sending him on his way.  Today however during his snack he told me how beautiful I was.  I had not heard him speak like that before.  Blushing I thanked Steve for the compliment.  Steve became bold and asked me if I still got horny.  Shocked at hearing such a question from a youngster, I blushed.   I told him yes sometimes.  This sparked his interest.  Our conversation and his questions became more bold.

Steve walked over to me and told me he wanted a blowjob for his payment today.  I hesitated for a moment.  He assured me this would be our little game and stay a secret.  He unzipped his fly and took out a skinny little penis.  My mouth opened in surprise for I thought it would be a nice big package.  He sensed my surprised expression.

He told me to go down on the floor and take his little penis in my mouth.

Then he helped me down to the floor where I sat, my nightie riding up my legs.  My panties were visible as I spread my legs to be more comfortable.  Steve stepped up to my face and rubbed that young dick across my face and my lips.  I started to suckle on his small soft dick.  He got a little harder as I worked on him with my tongue.  For those of you who appreciate milf phone sex, granny phone sex will blow your mind.

He asked me to remove my dentures.  He wanted to know if it would feel different.  After putting my dentures neatly into a cup I took him back into my mouth.  The look on Steve’s face answered the question.  I could see the sheer pleasure as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.  His hips started to frantically buck my face.  He started panting hard like he was running a marathon.  I couldn’t wait for him to reach the finish line so I could taste the juice of victory.

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