o sYou know, I always wondered where I got my wild streak from. My mother was so prim and proper. But I guess the wild streak skipped a generation. I discovered that when I made a surprise visit at the nursing home to visit my grandmother, my namesake, Grandma Genie, my mother’s mother. Let me tell you. She is not the grandma who bakes pies and sews. No way. My granny is the whore of the senior citizens nursing home. Those old wives better hide their husbands and their sons because my granny knows how to make a man’s cock explode.

I hadn’t seen granny in a while and I thought it was such a beautiful day that I should take a drive and see her at the senior citizen’s nursing home where she lives now. She never resisted going when my mom had the talk with her. She was excited about a new experience. So she was happy to be around people her own age. My mom found a place that had so many extracurricular activities for seniors. But what none of us knew is that my granny brought some of her own extracurricular activities to the home. She showed them all that an old lady can still be sexy and have sex. And a lot of it.

I arrived and signed in but I couldn’t find her in her room. I asked an orderly, then a nurse, and then another nurse, and no one knew where my granny could be. An elderly man walked up to me and said, “Are you looking for Miss Genie?” I said, “Yes, she’s my grandmother.” He whispered in my ear, “Your granny is smoking hot just like you. And at this time of day, you can find her in the storage room in the east wing.”

So I go to the east wing which seems deserted. I see a sign on a door that says “Storage Room”. I was about to knock when I heard moaning. Is she hurt, I thought? So I opened the door wide and yelled, “Granny are you alright?” But I found my granny butt naked and on her knees with a huge black cock in her mouth from a young black orderly with four other old guys standing around with their pants down watching her and stroking their cocks.

Granny was going to town taking that big black cock all the way down her throat. “Granny?” She glanced up at me and slowly withdrew her mouth from the cock and started stroking it with her hand while she spoke to me. “Hello, Genie, my dear. Hey, guys, this is my granddaughter, Genie.” All the men acknowledged me, “Hi Genie……Oh, she’s named after you……Ooh, you’re just as sexy as your granny.” Then granny said, “Genie, help me out here. I had a bigger crowd than usual and this black cock is bigger than I thought.

Could you suck off Bernie for me? He’s been waiting for the longest.” Then an old guy with a wrinkled little cock walks up to me and says “Hi, I’m Bernie.” I looked back at granny and she, “Go ahead sweet Genie. Do it for Granny.” So I got on my knees and said, “Yes ma’am.” Then I sucked off Bernie and his friend Clyde and watched my Granny take on the rest. Afterward, I said, “Granny, I didn’t know you were such a whore.” She laughed and said, “Where do you think you get it from?”

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