Meet Your New Uncle

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I went this summer for a few weeks to visit my aunt, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. And I met her new, younger husband. My new uncle lol. She’s sort of a cougar

and the guy she married is closer to my age than hers.  I bet he cheats on her to get young pussy. My mom said he just married her for her money, who knows. But no doubt he’s

got some hot cheating sex stories if I asked him what all went on in that marriage. I saw the way he looked at me when we were introduced. And I could feel his eyes roaming up and down my body, undressing me with his eyes. I think my aunt was too preoccupied to notice, but I sure did.

I Caught Him Peeking Into My Room

The next day after I got up and was coming out of the shower, the door was open a crack. And I was sure I’d closed it all the way, I think he’d been peeking in and was watching me as I dried off. He hoped I wouldn’t notice the door open, but I sure did. He was smiling later on and I was sure I saw him sporting a hard on in his pants. Of course I had a few cheating sex stories of my own in my past or older men I’d played with. But he was less than ten years older than me, and I didn’t want to hurt my aunt. But my new uncle was a handsome devil, I’ll give him that.

That night I was asleep in my room and I was dreaming I was having sex with him. I could feel his hands on my body as we fucked. Then I opened my eyes and he was standing right next to the bed. He had his finger to his lips to make sure I didn’t speak. And his hands were on my body, I hadn’t dreamt that, it was real.

My nipples were hard and as I sleep in the nude. I realized he’d pulled the sheet off of me and run his hands over my breasts. And my nipples were standing erect. He sat on the edge of the bed and reached over and kissed me and I let him. He slipped out of his boxers and his large cock sprang to life. And I reached down in the semi darkness, only the light streaming in from the window, and I stroked it.

I Was A Part Of One Of His Cheating Sex Stories

I could feel the sticky precum all over my hand as I smoothed it all over. He was as hard as a rock. I asked about my aunt coming in and finding us and he said she’d taken a sleeping pill. I lay back and he mounted me, kissing me deeply and passionately. As his hands continued their exploration of my body, including my pussy. I was wet and he rubbed my clit.

He rolled over on his back and I straddled him. And slid his cock inside of me and I slowly began to rock back and forth on top of him. My juices coating his cock and balls and my hard nipples swaying with every movement of my body. His hands sought my breasts and massaged them and kneaded them. And I rocked and bounced faster and faster. As my clit rubbed against his hard cock and soon I was cumming on his hard shaft. And then my milking pussy got that load of cum out of him. We caught our breath and he soon left my bed to return to my aunt’s room. It was a summer I will never forget, and gave me new cheating sex stories to think about when I masturbate.

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