I Have Plenty Of Cheating Sex Stories

Cheating sex stories can be quite hot ones. Any kind of forbidden sex is hot, since you know you’re not supposed to be doing it. My boss is good friends with my boyfriend, they’ve known each other for years. My boyfriend actually recommended me for this job and I got it. And I very much like the bosses wife. The four of us have socialized many times. But recently I had a Cheating sex stories are so hotlarge project going on at work that required some overtime and long nights at the office working with my boss. And when we’d take a break, the conversations would often get a bit raunchy and revealing. Last night was another one of those nights.

Before I Knew It We Were Fucking Right In The Office

I’ve actually been so busy with work the last few weeks. I haven’t had much energy for sex, so my need to cum had been building up. He was telling me about some hot, cheating sex stories he’d been reading about on a website. And how much it turned him on, and I knew I was growing wet. He leaned over and kissed me and one thing quickly led to another and we were fucking right there in his office. He stood up, unzipped his fly.He raised my skirt, pulled down and panties and we were leaning against the wall, fucking hard and fast. And it was good, really good.

Too Much Work And No Play Is Never Good

Of course being as horny as I was helped things along very nicely, but he was passionate and intense. I doubt his wife or my boyfriend would be impressed with our little office tryst. And we were at the office late every night for the next week. Both finishing the project and fucking our brains out at every available opportunity. He was excellent at licking pussy and he loved to do that before we fucked. I certainly wasn’t going to turn that down, I’m deprived at the best of times. And my boss was only too willing to please me, and well.

Fuck Me In All Positions

I have a few cheating sex stories of my own. I’m not one to ever be totally faithful, I just crave variety too much. So I’ve been a bad girl many times while in relationships. I can keep secrets, so play around when I meet someone that I want. He liked to fuck standing up or with me bent over his desk. Really nice, deep penetration that way. And I loved getting a good pounding.

I’d go home after a late night at the office and my boyfriend would ask if I “got a lot done.” If only he knew, the poor sap, oh well. As long as my boss wants this pussy, I’ll give him free access to it. It’s very relaxing to get a good fucking after a long, stress filled day. It really relaxes me and he feels the same, so we work out our sexual frustrations together. And it’s been working out fine for both of us, so I don’t anticipate this coming to a stop. After this project is over though, we will need to get a bit more creative as to when and where.

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