I have always really liked my boyfriend’s friend, he’s a great guy. So much charisma. And  I hate to say it, but sometimes I wish I’d met him first before my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend, but his friend has a lot going for him. And we are always flirting and he’s even given me a playful swat on the behind as I walked by. My boyfriend never saw that of course. I got a pretty new bra last month and I don’t know what came over me. But when we were in the kitchen alone together, I quickly lifted up and top and told him to look at my new bra. I felt like a silly teenager flashing him like that. But I did it anCheating girlfriend C.J.yway. The thought of cheating never entered my mind.
We were all together one night when my boyfriend’s father called. And he needed his help with something right away. So he went to go help his dad and me and his friend were alone. We started to flirt again right away, and it soon led to passionate kissing. We were right there on the sofa and I could feel his erection straining against his jeans. I could feel it pressing into me. And  I wanted that cock inside of me and I got up and led him to the bedroom.
I knew my boyfriend would be out for several hours dealing with his father’s crises of the moment. So we basically had all night to fuck, and fuck we did. In every position and way possible. The flirting we’d been toying with over the last several months just erupted into passion. And he played with my pussy and had me panting in his ear. He was making me beg for him to make me cum. He was much better in bed than my boyfriend by a long shot. I wanted to suck his cock so bad. And I deep throated as much of it as I could .And was drooling al over that sexy shaft that I knew was going to be inside me in a matter of moments.
I didn’t feel like a woman would likely feel when she’s cheating. Wouldn’t you think there would be some guilt to it? I hadn’t a shred of it, it was wonderful to feel him finally fuck my wet cunt. I  was dripping just for him. He filled me up and I screamed out his name in pleasure as we fucked like animals. And I came over and over again. I rode him for a long time. I was  squeezing my cunt muscles around his dick and milking him from the inside out. My tits bouncing in his face and him kissing them and making me feel so good.
He spooned me from behind and slid his cock into me as he cradled me close.  And He played with my breasts and kissed my neck. He was such a romantic lover. His breath on my neck drove me crazy and my nipples were so hard. He rubbed my clit as we fucked. I was just spent by the time we finished for the night. And he left before my boyfriend got home. I changed the sheets and showered . He was home within a half hour, none the wiser. He had no idea I’d been cheating on him the entire night. And I doubt he will ever know, but I don’t think this is going to be a one time incident. It was too good for it to be.
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