Cheating Sex Stories – Fucking BBC while my husband was on the phone

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My husband has been traveling overseas for a few weeks now.  About a week ago, he called and said he was horny and wanted phone sex. His favorite is when I describe fucking a big black cock.   The dirtier and more graphic, the better he likes it.

So, when he called and said he wanted me to describe fucking a big black cock, I did just that.

To begin with, I explained how that beautiful black body looked lying on our marriage bed.  The broad chest, long muscular legs, huge balls that hung down and the magnificent 10″ cock.

Then, I described moving up between his legs.  Running my tongue along the inner thigh until my hot breath tickled his balls.  How the moist tongue felt licking the balls and sucking them in one at a time.

In addition, I used my fingers to tease his asshole and stroke the little area between the ass and the balls.   You know, that area that is so sensitive to a stroke or lick.

Next, I told him how wonderful it felt to take that black cock in my mouth.  To feel his hands hold me there while he fucked my mouth and then pulling me up so he could turn me on my back.

I described lying there and how his big black hands spread my legs.  What it felt like when he leaned down and used that beautiful tongue to lick me from ass to pussy.

My husband loved hearing me moan while he listened.

In fact, when I told him how it felt to have that big cock enter my pussy I think he almost came.  Soon, I was moaning between telling him how incredible it felt to have that cock stretch my pussy.  How the black man, fucking me, had to work it in slowly, pushing in a bit, pulling out and then pushing back in.  It took about 5 minutes to work that massive black cock into me.

It was not much longer after that when he knew I was close to cumming.  Then, my moaning got louder, my voice weaker and my breath came out faster.  My husband had the speaker on by then and was stroking his cock with one hand and pulling his balls with the other.

I knew exactly how he looked when he played with his cock.  I know how he sounds right before he cums.  Then, I cried out, and we both came together.

After hanging up I rolled over and climbed up on my black lover and slid his big black cock inside me.

“Thanks for not making a sound,”  I said.  “Here is your reward.”  We fucked for the next three days, which was when my husband returned.

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