Cheating Sex Stories give us a tempting taste of the forbidden!

Cheating Sex Stories: Ever wonder how many of my hot phone sex calls end up in my blog posts? All. The. Time! Is this one of my babysitter sex stories that happened for REAL? Either way, the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. LMAO

I babysat your kids while you and wifey attended a Valentine’s Day party. You two arrived home very late, and so your wife invited me to stay. She went to bed after saying you’d show me the guest room. You’d been lusting after my hot teen body since the moment we met, at my family sex stories Superbowl party. I knew that tonight was the perfect time to show you what a pretty little Valentine homewrecker I could be!

You brought me into the guest room, your eyes already practically stripping me of my tight sweater and short skirt as I walked seductively toward the bed, hips swaying. Obviously, I could *feel* your eyes on me, watching each move I made.  As a result, my tight young pussy started to throb, oh yesss…

I fell to my knees, then unbuckled your belt, and unfastened your trousers.

You *know* you want this, but you hesitate, saying you’re afraid your wife will catch us. Undeterred, I continue until your pulsing, rigid cock is in my hand. You bite back a groan, telling me through gritted teeth that we “can’t.”

Cheating Sex Stories: Looking up at you, I teasingly gave your dripping crown a few quick flicks with my pink, wet tongue before purring, “Are you SURE you want to tell me “no,” baby? Bet wifey would totally FREAK if she heard me slurping your dick and moaning really loud, like … THIS?

I demonstrated and you nearly lose your mind. Indeed, you’re torn between trying to hush me or letting me continue, just like that, and … it was the start of an amazingly yummy relationship. At least, for me, anyway! ~naughty grin~

As for you, that remains to be seen, now doesn’t it? Want to roleplay this or my other cheating sex stories, baby? Call me NOW for the hottest Valentine’s Day phone sex ever!

Your Wicked Angel


Cheating Sex Stories

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