Dana  cheating sex stories1The Resort Had Everything Including A Sexy Masseuse

I have a feeling many people’s vacations are filled with cheating sex stories. Since the opportunity is there, lots of drinking is usually going on. And you go off to explore this or that and your partner does something else for a few hours. Overly friendly staff perhaps hoping for extra tips if things get even friendlier. Such was the case on my latest vacation with my boyfriend. This resort we went to had a spa and a masseuse. And it was a male masseuse and he was very good looking. I went down and had my muscles rubbed and kneaded until I felt so good . He leaned down and whispered to me and asked if I’d like a happy ending to my massage.

He Was Massaging Me All Over

Another one of the cheating sex stories was about to begin at the massage table. I felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop, so I nodded yes. He pulled my towel off completely and his fingers moved up the insides of my thighs and went for my pussy. His hands were already slick with fragrant oils and they melded into my juicy pussy. Further increasing the slipperiness of my cunt.

I loved how he touched me and it just felt so right. And I wasn’t thinking this was cheating on my boyfriend. I was just thinking this felt good, I want to do it. So I did. I parted my legs wider to give him access and he stroked my clit up and down. And it was stiff and very wet. I bucked up against his hand and he sure knew what he was doing. I’d bet he’d done this to countless women over the years here.

I Guess I Should Feel Guilty, But I Didn’t

He did a wonderful job and made me cum a few times and I gave him a nice tip. I didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty as I went back to the room and found my sleeping boyfriend there. He had no idea and never would, about what had happened at the massage table. We had a lovely dinner and then a swim. And walked on the beach and fucked when we got back to the room. The next day I went back down for another massage and got yet another happy ending, it was the most relaxed I’d felt in years.

Cheating Sex Stories  On Vacation Can Be Fun

Cheating sex stories come in all varieties, a little dalliance on vacation is not the end of the world. It’s like my own little naughty secret I will always have and never share. He doesn’t need to know about. It, it has no relevance in our lives. Maybe he’s had a few such naughty encounters as well, I don’t know and do not need to know. But the fingers of that masseuse rubbing my clit until my legs were shaking was a good thing. He was great at his job and I had a wonderful time. Maybe we will return to the same resort next year. I have no idea, but I loved it.

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