When I mentioned to a client I’d never ad a massage before, he sent me a tip to cover the price of a massage and insisted I get one and report back to him. He told me to book one with a male masseuse and eh wanted to hear the details afterwards. I booked one in at a place that did waxings and esthetics and had never been there before, so didn’t really know what to expect. This good looking guy came in and smiled and introduced himself and asked if I’d had a massage before, I said no, and we were chit chatting away as he got his oils ready and I was laying there under a towel.

He asked what I did for a living and I said phonesex. This seemed to pique his interest and he asked if he could ask some questions, and I was happy to satisfy his curiosity. I could feel his large, warm, oiled hands caress my skin and work the oil into my tired, aching shoulders. I was so relaxed as he worked his magic and he was talking the whole while and I was just letting my mind drift and answered the odd question he asked about phonesex. His hands were like magic and I loved the way I felt him tease me.



I felt his fingers graze just a bit too close to my ass on the upper thigh area as he worked the oil into me. He told me to spread my legs and I didn’t resist and I felt his fingertips just so lightly touch my pussy lips from behind yet I didn’t say anything. I wanted him to tease me and he seemed to enjoy doing it. He asked how long I’d been in the phonesex business and I told him a few years now and he said he bet I spoke to lots of interesting people and I agreed, yes, I certainly did. He told me to flip over onto my back and he massaged my breasts and my nipples became erect and he didn’t say a word, the towel slipped onto the floor and I pretended that I didn’t even notice as I lay there spread eagle naked as anything on his table.

The faint sounds of the ocean waves CD played in the background and he just worked his hands over me and I didn’t even seem at all fazed when he dribbled some massage oil onto my pussy lips and started to massage my pussy. I was already wet and his middle finger caressing my already stiffened clit felt wonderful and I began to breathe heavy and just lay back and enjoy the sensations as I felt him tease me to the brink of orgasm and back down again. It didn’t take long before I was over that edge and indeed came, I bit my lip to keep from crying out and having any of the other people in the nearby area hear me as I came, but I will tell you, I think I will be going back for a regular massage from now on!

Sexy LiL Dana

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