Cheating Sex Stories are the best!

It’s because cheating sex stories tap into a part of our brain that gets excited from the naughtiness of hiding. I think that’s why my poor boyfriend is a cuckold so often…just don’t tell him, please! The poor boy thinks I stay home patiently waiting for him while he goes to work, but I’m just not a “sit around waiting” type of girl! Some nights I get so horny when I’m bored, that’s why I became a phone sex operator.

I’m a slut. I get bored easily and always want to fuck, so what’s a girl supposed to do when her man works 60 hours a week? I may not know the ‘correct’ answer but I do know what trouble I get into! The damn internet has made it so easy for a sexy little slut like me to find the perfect cock to ride no matter what time of the day it is. That’s usually how these cheating sex stories begin, but not today.

Sometimes my boyfriend, Scott, can be an asshole. Sometimes he hurts my spoiled feelings and I feel the urge to get really nasty. He may never find out that I cheated with someone he knows, but it feels good to make it personal when I’m pissed. Good thing he has a sexy young cousin! David is lean and has a huge cock, my only two requirements outside of making it personal. He also fucks my ass, something my boyfriend refuses to do now.

I can’t get enough of David!

Last week I had a crazy fight with Scott and decided to give David a call. David’s the best because he has no remorse. He’ll come over, fuck me, take a shower, and then stick around until Scott gets home. I love to think of David laughing with my boyfriend like he wasn’t 9 inches deep in me a few hours ago. I sometimes even take David’s cum and use it to wet my clit as I get off to the thought. Hahaha I may have a cum fetish.

I’ve had David inside of me so many times these last few months, but there’s a fantasy I keep coming back to. I want him to fuck me in the living room while my boyfriend is asleep on the couch. We haven’t been that ambitious yet but Scott sleeps so deeply that we could totally get away with it.  He could bend me over the couch and fuck me right next to Scott, actually. How kinky is that? Every time I think of it I imagine how sweet it would be to add it to my other cheating sex stories…

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