Cum and cum fetish has gotten a bad reputation as being a nuisance. It stings the eyes, becomes a mess in hair, and makes clean up a nightmare…as if that’s going to keep us freaks from enjoying it!

Cum fetish looks at ejaculate in a kinder light, as most fetishes do. It recognizes jizz as a powerful instrument for creating life, a way to mark your territory, or just a delicious dessert after you’ve finished the main course. There are so many ways to enjoy it that I’m only going to be able to cover three of them, but if you’re left wanting more by the time I’m done, phone sex is always a great way to talk to someone who loves cum just as much as you do.

First, we have the men who enjoy the thought of their cum impregnating the women they fuck. They plow through pussy with a determination to see their jizz put to good use. Imagining a woman’s body changing as a direct result of their seed entices them, and engorges them while in the act.

It’s so hot to imagine being fucked by these fetishists because you know they’ll get their cocks as deep inside of you as possible to deliver their spunk exactly where it needs to be.

Next, there are the men who like to imagine their cum as a calling card for the next man who fucks their prize. You guys are usually huge fans of cuckolding other men because it shows you are superior to them. You know how unworthy your prize’s lover is and how much you can get him to debase himself…possibly even making him eat your cum. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows his worth and is willing to remind others of it. Especially when he’s looking at you like he’s going to fuck your body in half.

Finally, we have the men who enjoy cleaning up after themselves. Somewhere along the line they either got a taste of their medicine and saw that it was divine, or they were forced to eat it and realized how vulnerable it is to be made to eat your own ejaculation. They cum just from imagining being forced to eat it…and then they actually get to eat it! Personally, I can relate. I’m a fucking cum junky. The taste, the smell, and the thick gooey texture are just all so amazing. Phone sex is an especially great option for these fetishists not only because we help amplify the intensity of their experience vocally, but also because we can actually watch you do it via Skype as we do it!

There are so many more categories that fall under the cum fetish and even more reasons to love those categories, but I think we can all agree that your hot load is the sticky conclusion we’ve all been waiting for.


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