Cheating Sex Stories – Slutty Aunt fucks behind her husband’s back

Cheating Sex Stories – I have heard a lot of them. This one really happened to me. Last year, my aunt and uncle came to visit from Wisconsin. They stayed with me in my little apartment. I was really excited to see them- they had just gotten married a year before and I had not seen them since the wedding.

We were at a restaurant in midtown when my cousin’s husband, Tim went to use the bathroom. Melissa told me she had something important she wanted to tell me.

“Sara- I have been so bored with Tim. I really needed this trip to spice things up a bit.” She said. Right away I figured she meant she wanted to get things going with Tim. She went on- “You have to swear you won’t say anything. I put an ad on Craig’s List. I said I wanted to experience Black Cock while I am in the city. Oh, Sara, I need it sooo bad!” Oh My God! I was shocked. Melissa was always so straight-laced and Christian.

I promised I would not say anything. I do know how great BBC can be. What poor Tim doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Right?

The next day, Tim and Melissa supposedly went to a broadway matinee. I went out to do laundry and when I came back, I heard noises coming from my apartment. I opened my door, and there on my couch was my aunt completely naked, rimming a black dudes asshole!

Holy Crap! I quietly closed the door and sat on my front step. A few minutes had passed and Tim walked up to me. “Tim! what’s going on? I thought you guys were at a show.”

“Melissa wasn’t feeling well so she left early. I stayed for a while but I felt bad so I left the show to check up on her.” He said.

“Melissa is fast asleep” I lied to him. “She probably needs to rest. Let’s go get a drink!” I took him to the local pub and texted Melissa to finish up before we came home. Tim had no idea his wife was slutting it up with NYC’s finest BBC!

Melissa had the best trip to NYC of her life and Tim did too!


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