Cheating Girlfriend Story Started off as Innocent

Recently I had a very sexy and unexpected ski weekend with a girlfriend. She’d wanted to go on this weekend for quite some time. I finally agreed to go and she ended up having to leave early due to some family drama at home. I was having an alright time, so decided to stay the next day since it was already paid for. And  I was packing up and getting ready for the next day when I’d be going home. Then a blizzard hit and all the roads and airport were closed due to the weather. I wasn’t going anywhere.

We Both Had Plans For Valentine’s Day

I decided to go down to the bar and it was filled with others also stuck there. I’d had plans to be with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day as well, and this was going to delay them. I got to talking with this good looking guy there and he was in the same boat. He’d planned to be home for his girlfriend and their Valentine’s night. His buddies had already left and were the last out before the roads were closed.

He Was Lonely And So Was I

I hadn’t planned on being a part of any cheating girlfriend story, but that’s what ended up happening. Sort of if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with kind of deal. A sex story I will always remember though. I was lonely, he was lonely, just two ships passing in the night really. I told him if he wanted to join me what my room number was. That I’d leave my door open a crack if he wanted to join me. I had a feeling he would, so I had two poured glasses of wine ready and waiting for him. He didn’t disappoint. He lightly knocked then came in, pushing the door open. I smiled at him.

He Teased Me Through My Panties

We talked and sat by the fireplace talking for hours and then he made a pass at me. I did not decline it. He ran his hand up my thigh. I parted my legs for him and he slipped his hand up under my skirt and teased me through my panties. I was growing wet. Soon our passionate kissing had us stripping down and laying on the rug in front of the fire place. His cock filled my pussy and he thrust in with such a passion and urgency. It was really hot. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying fucking him considering I had a boyfriend I loved at home.

My cunt was glistening wet as his shaft pumped into me. I clawed at his back and bit his shoulder. His balls were very full as he pumped me over and over. I tensed up and came on his hard cock. He soon filled me full of his seed and it ran down the crack in my ass, making me wet and gooey.

I Didn’t Mind Licking My Juices Off His Cock

I’d read the occasional cheating girlfriend story on stories sites, and many times they did happen like this. Out of circumstance, not a preplanned thing. It was just one of those things. You didn’t plan for it or see it coming, yet there it was. He’d fucked me very well and then asked if I’d suck his dick. I did not mind licking my own juices off of his cock, and he enjoyed it a lot. Looking him right in the eye as I took his once again hard cock in hand. Slithering my tongue all over it, pleasing him.

I felt like a real cheating slut doing this with a stranger when my boyfriend was at home. He shot yet another load and I swallowed every drop. We had that one night of pleasure between us, then the next day the roads reopened. We both went on our way with our night of passion, our own cheating girlfriend story, behind us.

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