I Became A Cheating Girlfriend And It Was With His Dad!

I’ve never wanted to think of myself as a cheating girlfriend, but recently that’s indeed what I became. I liked my boyfriend’s father the first time I met him. He just looked like an older version of my boyfriend. That’s understandable of course. What was a bit naughty though was my attraction to him. I tried to ignore it, but I think he picked up on it and felt it to me as well. I couldn’t let on to my boyfriend every time I saw his father, I got this tight feeling in my stomach. I wanted him and I know he wanted me back. We would flirt and say things to one another that were likely a bit inappropriate considering.I didn’t know at the time that we’d be playing sex games soon.

Being Alone With His Dad Wasn’t A Good Idea

My boyfriend was away for a week long business trip, and of course his father knew it as well. Last week not that long after I got home from work I hard the doorbell and went to the door. It was him. I let him in and thought maybe he thought my boyfriend left the next day, but he said no. He knew he wasn’t here, that’s why he’d stopped by. To see me, alone. I got that tight feeling again and knew this wasn’t a good idea to be alone with him. Things would quickly take a very naughty turn. He came towards me and grabbed me and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I gently pushed him away, but he just held me tighter. Within seconds I gave in and could no longer fight the feelings I had for my boyfriend’s father.

He Had More Experience

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back just as deeply. He led me to the bedroom and slowly undressed me, then himself. He laid me back in his son’s bed and began to kiss me all over. My poor boyfriend had no clue his cheating girlfriend was in his bed with his own father. He was away working hard and would never have suspected such a thing. I felt myself melt in his arms and just let him make love to me. He was just as good of a lover as his son, just more experienced and a tad more patient. He moved his hands up and down my legs before finding my pussy and stroking it. It grew so wet for him as he teasingly stroked my pink, wet folds. I bucked against his hand, but he wouldn’t let me cum yet.

I Could Taste Myself  On His Mouth

He kissed down from my mouth to my neck to my breasts and stomach. I could feel such waves of passion crashing inside of myself as he got closer to my dripping pussy. They opened from their wetness before his tongue ever touched the lips. He opened them wider and flickered his tongue all over my stiff little cit. I grabbed the sheets and clenched them in my hands and scrunched them up. I bit my lip and he went down on me. I screamed out and came all over his face in a gush. He came back up and kissed me, letting me taste myself.

This Was Wrong But It Felt So Right

Then he mounted me and slid his throbbing cock inside of my dripping wet cunt. I had barely caught my breath from my orgasm before he was riding me hard. I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight, pulling him deeper into me. He grabbed a nipple in his teeth and playful nipped at it as we fucked. He rolled me over so I was on top and I was just grinding on him. The room filled with our sounds of skin smacking against wet skin, and our groans of ecstasy. I loved feeling his cock in my pussy, it was even bigger than my boyfriend’s.


He grabbed me by the hips and really rocked me hard back and forth. I could tell he was getting close to cumming, so I sped up my own motions to cum once again. I could feel it building and then I came with even more intensity than I had the first time. My cumming then triggered him and my contractions milked him and his cum into me. We lay there, breathless. Me the cheating girlfriend, and him the wicked father of my poor, in the dark boyfriend. He left a while later, but returned every night my boyfriend was away.

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