Look, my boyfriend doesn’t need to know about my cheating breeding sex.

I’ve got a lot of sex: all of it is cheating breeding sex. See, my boyfriend and I are trying for a baby. Or at least, he thinks we are. Really, I’m trying for a baby without him, because he hasn’t figured out that his cock doesn’t work yet. I don’t even think it’s his sperm. I know a few worthless cocks with dead-end sperm that just circles around itself, broken swimmers and all. But my boyfriend’s cock was a small penis surprise, and it just doesn’t do. Even if he does have good sperm, the delivery tube isn’t deep enough. I haven’t been able to get pregnant once. 


When a girl wants to get properly bred, there’s only one thing to do! Honestly, I don’t even feel bad for the cheating breeding sex I’m engaging in. Because I need to get bred. The only thing I feel bad about is my boyfriend’s tiny dick. It can’t help its size. However, I’m not going to get stuffed full of cum via pity. Only through big dicks can that cum stuff me up. 

Luckily, I don’t have to try hard with my boyfriend’s situation. His friends all have plenty of big cocks for me to ride. And they know about each other. So, Steve will take my boyfriend for a night, letting me ride Kolin. And then Kolin will take my boyfriend gaming for another night, giving me Steve. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Plus, given how stuffed I get when they come inside me, their cum has to take soon! This cheating breeding sex will give us the family my boyfriend and I always wanted. 

Fucking Steve

Hands down, Steve is rough. By the end, I’m going to be leaking cum and soaked in it. Steve’s style of breeding is multiple rounds, multiple times, and he’s going to keep his cock inside me so his seed takes. 

Steve is like an animal, with his 8-inch cock. He pushes me down on the bed and goes to town on my pussy. Without any foreplay, he pushes inside, already lubed up. Of course, I love it. He slams his cock inside me so hard, I can feel his pelvic bones. His balls continually hit my ass as he fucks into me. In fact, there are times I swear Steve growls. He loves biting and marks, so I have to wear a shirt during sex, just so nothing is left behind, mark-wise. After all, we can’t keep trying for a kid if my boyfriend finds out!

Steve punishes my pussy. Sometimes, his speed and furry seem as if he’s piledriving a baby inside me. He’ll come with a twitch of his cock, his balls nice and full, and fill me up again and again. By the end, I can barely walk from all the bruising. On the flip side, he can barely walk, because he’s come three or four times. According to Steve, he doesn’t touch himself at all just so he can come so many times. There’s no better way to flood my pussy, and Steve makes absolutely sure I’m flooded. 

Kolin’s Method

Where Steve is rough, Kolin is sweet and sensitive. He has an even bigger cock than Steve, at ten inches. However, though he is sweet, Kolin knows how to use all of his cock! 

Kolin is of the mindset that the more a lady comes, the more likely she is to get pregnant. So he makes sure I have three to four orgasms before he allows himself to cum! 

Kolin always starts with kissing and foreplay, making me extremely sensitive. Again, we leave no marks, but Kolin always likes to tease my mind, too. He discusses how my boyfriend doesn’t know what he’s missing, or how beautiful I am. He’ll suck on my breasts, tongue flickering over my nipples. At the same time, his fingers will move up and down on my clit, deftly bringing me to orgasm. 

Then, he continues with his mouth, fingers moving to inside me. 

Finally, after all that? He pushes inside, gives me my last orgasm, and rocks his hips once, twice, after I’ve come. And then he spills his seed deep into my womb, right where it belongs. 

Cheating breeding sex is the best sex to be having, that’s all I’m saying! 


Want to have a cheating wife of your own?

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cheating breeding sex