Look, I’m not ashamed to say that once, I had a small penis surprise.

Honestly, I felt tricked by the guy’s small penis surprise. And, I got mad. And mad Elise is not one many want to see. 

Here’s how it started. 

T and I were in a hotel room, making out. It was very hot if I say so myself. At first, I was on top of T. We held each other, kissing each other senseless. I licked into his mouth and then he turned me over on the bed, pinning me down. Of course, actions like that were promising. 

And the feel of a clothed cock sliding against my hips was promising, too. 

My legs opened and his crotch rubbed against mine, our clothes still on. But I couldn’t wait too much longer. A slut can only wait so much, you know? So eagerly, I pulled off my bra and panties. As I went for T’s shirt, he went for his pants, too hurried to even let them fall to the ground. 

“I’ve got you, baby,” he whispered. I shuddered and kissed him back, my legs automatically opening. My hole quivered in anticipation of that very well-hung cock inside me. We ground against each other for a brief moment more.

Then, the pinnacle of our sex: T slid inside me. 

Only, I couldn’t feel it for the life of me. 

“Try again,” I demanded. However, nothing. I closed my eyes. I covered my ears, even. Still, with two senses down, nothing else appeared. Whatever T fucked me with, it was minuscule.

In fact, he did try again. And he tried again. Whatever he was doing, it wasn’t working. Finally, I snapped.


“What is this?” I demanded. T shrugged and moved to kiss me again, but I shoved him off of me. “No, seriously? It wasn’t that tiny when we were making out!” 

T stumbled, and as he did, a packer fell out– a dildo about 6 inches. As it landed on the floor, his face turned red. Clearly, he meant to trick me and give me a small penis surprise. “I thought you would feel it,” he mumbled. “Girls don’t mean it when they mention dick size. They say it doesn’t matter.” 

“That’s to protect your feelings, you idiot,” I snapped. “Look at how hard you are. Now, look at that dildo. Note the difference?” 

Fuck. Maybe this guy was only good as a pretty sissy boy

T only continued to mumble his defense. Certainly, he knew exactly how he was disappointing me. With that much protesting, he must have planned his small penis surprised and hoped I wouldn’t care. 

Unfortunately for him, I absolutely did care. 

“No, no, cocklet,” I snapped at him. “You get on the bed. Then, I’ll show you why size matters.” 

T looked at me, then at the dildo on the ground, and then back at me. For a moment, he opened his mouth. Rather than let him speak, I grabbed him by the chin. “Oh no, bitch. You don’t cross me. Now, on the bed. Let me show you exactly how it matters.”

Showing Him Size Matters

Well, my small penis surprise giver finally got down on all fours on the bed. His hands tensed in the sheets with his ass up in the air. “I’m sorry,” he began to cry. However, as I didn’t give a fuck, I smacked his ass instead.

“Let me tell you what I’m going to do, Mr. Keeps Important Information Hidden. I’m going to use my finger. My pinkie finger. That’s about the size of your cocklet, isn’t it?”

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t answer. So I spanked his ass again. That brought him to life. “Yes, yes, ma’am, it is, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

I think he apologized a lot. I really don’t care if he did or didn’t, though. Instead, I lubed up my pinkie and jammed it in his ass. As soon as I did, he relaxed. “It… It doesn’t hurt,” he muttered to himself.

“No, that one doesn’t.” I pulled out my finger and lubed up the dildo. “This will, though.” I pressed the tip of the dildo against his pucker. Then, I began to push.

Turns out, size matters after all. That small penis surprise bitch T couldn’t walk straight for a week after.


If you’ve got something pathetic waiting for me, then get some humiliation phone sex of your own! Let me tell you how worthless your size really is.

small penis surprise