I was cheating on my boyfriend while he was right outside the door!

I couldn’t believe I was cheating on my boyfriend with a stranger in a fitting room! It started out innocent enough as you can read in part one of this story. But things started to get a little heated in part two. Now that I have freed his hard cock from his boxers I couldn’t help but press it against my already dripping pussy. I kept my hand pressed against one side of his cock while the other side slid between my wet pussy lips and moved my hips back and forth rubbing his dick up to my clit and back to my hole.

He took his hands from my big tits and placed them on my thighs. Just as his dick moved back toward my tight hole he pulled me back onto him. His thick cock stretched me more than my boyfriends did and I couldn’t help but let out a little groan. My boyfriend apparently hadn’t gone very far because he heard my surprised yelp and came to the door. He asked if I was okay and I quickly told him that I was fine and had just stepped on something in my bare feet. He just said “okay” and walked away again. So He had no idea that I was cheating on him in the dressing room!!

Something about knowing that my boyfriend was just outside of the door while I was cheating on him with a stranger turned me on even more. The guy took one of his hands off of my thigh and placed it over my mouth to prevent any more noises from escaping. He moved his other hand to my clit and began rubbing it as I bounced my cheating pussy up and down on his big dick. I knew we didn’t have long before my boyfriend would start to wonder so I fucked the stranger’s cock as fast as I could without making any sound.

I didn’t even think about where he was going to be cumming because I honestly didn’t even think I’d be in here getting fucked in the first place. When I felt his cock growing harder inside of me I knew he was close. I tried to move off of him but he held me in place as he pressed his fingers harder onto my clit. He started rubbing my little nub even faster and just as I felt my orgasm taking me over the stranger started to fill my unprotected, cheating pussy with his seed.

I knew that it wasn’t the best idea since I wasn’t on any birth control at the time but it wasn’t like I had much of a choice. I slid my cum filled pussy from his deflating cock and began dressing. As I put my clothes back on I told him to wait in the dressing room and I would go out first. After I left he should wait a minute or two and then come out. I figured that was the best way for no one to find out I had been in there cheating on my boyfriend.

He told me that was a good plan and started to put his pants back on. Just before I opened the door to walk out he said he had a confession to make. I turned to him and a look of surprise covered my face when he said he’s not really married and wasn’t trying to buy lingerie for anyone. I gave a little laugh and walked out the door. My boyfriend asked me what happened to the guy I was trying stuff on for and I said he must have left. I took his hand in mine and walked him out of the store as quickly as I could without looking too eager to get away.

After that day I realized just how hot it was to be a cheating little slut and found myself being a naughty slut at every opportunity! I bet you have some hot stories of your own, or maybe just some steamy fantasies of cheating on your girlfriend or wife. Give me a call I’d love to hear all about it or I can share some more of mine with you!

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