Cheating on Baby Dick – Part 2

Cheating on baby dick part 1. I invited my sorry excuse for a boyfriend over.  Little did he know I had a BIG surprise waiting for him in the bedroom.  I am sure he thought I was going to dump him.  It was the most honest conversation I had ever had with him about his little pathetic penis.

I could not help but laugh at it as he started to cry.  He told me he knew his weenie was small, but that was why he got me the big toy.  I told him I had an even better toy waiting in the bedroom.  I saw his face begin to get flushed as I took his hand and led him to my room.  The poor bastard really thought he was going to get some tonight.

I opened the door and there he was.  My big, black, stud of a lover.  His ten-inch big black cock was already hard and I felt my pussy instantly get wet.  I looked over at my boyfriend and saw him grabbing at his “dick”…  This was going to be much easier than I had thought.

I had my boyfriend sit on the bench at the foot of the bed so he could watch what a real man does for her.  I could not wait any longer and got on my knees for a taste of that chocolate cock.   So I could feel both their eyes on me as I bobbed up and down on that huge hard cock, gagging and choking on his huge girth.  My stud pulled me up and bent me over the bench with baby dick right beside us.  I felt his huge cock stretching me as he slide every inch of dick inside…

To be continued.

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