One day I was fed up with how my ex-boyfriend wanted to dictate my life, so I gave him a great gift: chastity sex with college girls that lasted for hours.

When my ex and I were dating, I liked to push all his buttons, which lead to him having chastity sex with college girls, all my friends. He was used to me teasing him all the time, occasionally coming home to me eating out one of my friends. Usually, it was Ellen, but sometimes it was Sarah, and you can read more about that in my college sex stories.

One day, the loser thought he could tell me enough was enough, and he demanded that I stop sleeping with my friends. “I was fine with you sleeping only with girls, but this is too much.”

I glared at him, my insides churning with anger. How dare this little bitch tell me who I could or couldn’t sleep with!? “As far as you know, only with girls,” I corrected him.

Face red, my ex stepped forward to pin me to the wall, but I reached out with my leg and tripped him. We fell onto the shoddily carpeted floor, his body taking the brunt of the fall. He attempted to push me off of him, but the little bitch didn’t have the strength of a real man. I tied him to my bed frame with various stockings and panties of mine, shoving one into his mouth.

“Listen up, bitch.” I slapped him with my hand. “I’m going to play with whomever I want.” I reached into my toy box under the bed and pulled out one of my prized possessions- a shiny new cockcage. “And you, dumb, stupid, dick, are going to watch us if you want to be let out of that cage.

To his credit, the lesser male of an ex-struggled, but it didn’t do him any good.

Soon he was locked in his cage, and I smiled and sat on his face while I called my friends up. It didn’t take long for Ellen and Sarah to head over, both of them laughing when they saw my ex all caged up on the ground. “Oh, finally!” Ellen exclaimed. “Something to rub up against!”

“At least the cage is hard,” Sarah added, stripping down to make out with me. “Gives me something nice to rub against.”

I got up only to sit her on his face, removing his gag. I gripped his hair tightly. “You don’t bite her, you understand, bitch?” He winced from the volume of my voice but nodded just the same. Once Sarah had adjusted herself, his throat and jaw began to move. Ellen laughed. “Chastity sex with college girls,” she uttered. “Jesus, Elise. It’s his wet dream, isn’t it?”

“His useless cock is straining really hard in that cage.” I gave it a pat while I leaned over to kiss Ellen, moving my fingers into her wet folds.

Somewhere from behind me, I heard the same moans that accompanied my ex and me when we had sex. A quiet whine burst forth. “Please, please, please.”  I was too busy making out with Ellen to care.

His chastity sex with college girls had certainly paid off for me. 


Don’t fret- you and I can engage in our own chastity phone sex! Call!

Chastity Sex with College Girls