Celebrity Sex Tapes: Who I’d REALLY Love To See

Not every star I’m fond of has celebrity sex tapes. At least not one on Pornhub. Dear Perverts, sometimes when I see an incredible guy on the street, I don’t want to talk to him. I just want to steal his phone and scan his videos and see if he has any good digital evidence of how well he can fuck.


I don’t consider myself a millennial, but yes, that is how I feel.


This day in age we get to spy more deeply into people’s lives than ever. There have been a number of celebrity sex tapes that have been leaked to the public in the last few years. The fact is, most people, rich and famous or not, tend to want to make videos of themselves fucking. This is nothing new.


But none of the leaked celebrity sex tapes are ones I particularly care about.


I wrote about the fake Lil Wayne sex tape a few months ago. That just broke my heart. He’s okay, and all…but I started asking myself…what celebrity sex tapes haven’t I seen that I would love to see? Here’s my short list.

Drake and Nicki Minaj.


I’m not even sure what’s going on with them, but their chemistry is through the roof and I think I would love to watch those sparks fly. Especially because Nicki is just one of the hottest women existing on the planet right now – she makes Drake hot.


Dev Patel.


He’s so fucking hot. Not to be crass (yeah right), but I bet he’s got a gorgeous uncut cock, too. Would I love to watch with jealousy as some babe pushes back that gorgeous foreskin and gives him a nice lick? You’d better believe it, and then some. I’d love to watch him do just about anything he wanted to do to almost any woman.


Austin Butler?


I had to check this one to make sure he was over 18. He’s not my “type”, and this one is a little embarrassing, but why wouldn’t I want to watch him in a porno? He mugs for the camera like it’s the Golden Age of Hollywood. If his cock can work the camera like his face can…it’s a natural choice. Why haven’t his celebrity sex tapes leaked yet? I’m so sure he has at least one. Is it that no one cares?


Amber Rose!


You perverts know I love a curvy woman. Amber Rose is sexy perfection in my eyes. She’s got that intoxicating balance of soft and hard. Not classy, but not quite trashy. Super sexy, but a good sense of humor. I would lick her everywhere, and definitely not mind watching someone else do it either!


Jasmine Tookes!


Victoria’s Secret Angel with a gorgeous face and body. I don’t usually like watching lanky girls get fucked but with the right beefy stud to make her scream I think I’d definitely be down for some celebrity sex tapes featuring this hottie.  

Amanda LePore.


I’d just like to see if any of her jiggle parts actually jiggle…and if she likes to suck big fat ones with lips like that.


There you have it, that’s my short list of celebrity sex tapes I would watch, but honestly…my curiosity is endless, I’d watch any video that came across my desk…pun intended?


Do you have any favorite celebrity sex tapes? Let’s have some fun phone sex where we watch them together. I promise not to talk through the good parts.


MILF Phone Sex!